Sudden Neg Reaction to Weed ?

2 years, 3 months ago

Ok so I recently quit smoking weed since I’ve been in a deep depression for a couple months now, particularly per the urging of a couple fellow HEthens a few weeks ago.

As it usually does, cutting back (or in this case not doing it at all) always helps me gain much better clarity after a solid week or two. It wasn’t a struggle, it was a soft landing anyways because we had been running out of both supply and money for supply and knew it was going to happen whether I wanted to or not.

I’m always fine when I suddenly have to stop after smoking it every day for long periods of time. It’s an annoyance when I will want it after a few days and I can’t, but I always have friends who smoke and can usually get some very cheaply or a free smoke out somewhat easily at my leisure, even though I don’t really take up on that.

A couple years ago I started wondering if maybe I was allergic to weed. It seemed strange and random, but when it would happen my throat would close up really tightly (especially if smoking from a vape or bong) and my heart would race badly and I couldn’t breathe for a solid 3 minutes. I’m not allergic to anything at all, or so I thought.

Now, after not smoking for a couple weeks, I smoked for the first time a couple days ago and just now again. However, my heart is racing very uncomfortably and am feeling uneasy. This also happened the last time I took molly, just to an extreme level to which I don’t feel the need to use molly ever again. Just extreme discomfort is a good way to put it.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know of certain researches or health info regarding this type of thing?

I’ve been smoking semi-regularly to regularly for about 8 years now.. it just seems so random.

December 29, 2012 at 3:11 pm

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Profile photo of pwalsh27 pwalsh27 (@pwalsh27) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

I used to smoke a lot about 3 years ago and it would be around 3 times a day. That being said, one random day this exact thing started happening to me. The heart racing led me to become extremely paranoid when I got high. It got so bad I would literally lose the ability to speak sentences cause my mind would be racing and my blood pressure would be through the roof. I got so sick of it that I gave up smoking. It just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. I have read in other places that this can happen but I have yet to find a reason or cause of it, since it is so random with no apparent provocation.

Until recently I have rarely if ever smoked. Now, ill usually smoke when I’m laying in bed and about to pass out. The paranoia and racing heart still comes but I have the ability to meditate on it and push it away. It really is all in your mind. I think that it could be caused by a large load of stress you deal with and when smoking, like taking most drugs, your mind begins to expand and not suppress these feelings, that we would normally just keep in the back of our mind.

Try smoking by yourself, control your breathing and meditate your heart rate down to its normal pace.

If that’s not your thing then by all means try something else and let me know if it works. Good luck.

Profile photo of Heed them, HEthen Heed them, HEthen (@heedthem) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

I’ve tried breathing techniques cause this is not the first time it’s happened obviously, but it’s the first time in a while. I’m thinking it must be strain to strain naturally, since each one is different and would explain the unpredictable outcomes.

It’s strange though, I have yet to be able to slow down my heart beat when it does happen and I try breathing exercises or meditation.

If this keeps up I might have to quit smoking altogether forever.. I feel myself becoming less and less interested in it as I get older so I figured I’d just grow out of it, but this suddenness would be sad indeed, @pwalsh27,

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