Sudden realisations triggering euphoric state?

3 years, 8 months ago


During the course of my life I’ve experienced two events that I will always remember, and I’ve searched hard to try and find people who may have experienced similar, to no avail. Both occurred after I came to university, a time I’d roughly describe as when I began life-improving.

The first event occurred on the 9th of July 2010, at midday. I was on the train to the airport, reading an excerpt from a Richard Dawkins book:- ‘Unweaving the rainbow’ when I stumbled upon a deep paragraph that brought about what I would describe as a ‘sudden realisation’, it had to do with the value of life, and the rarity that we exist at all. Instantly I was sent into a period of ultimate calm lucidity, euphoric happiness overwhelmed me, and I noticed an instant change within my environment. People around me suddenly appeared to be experiencing this aura of ultimate happiness and nothing phased me. I made friends with random people in seconds flat and it was awesome. This lasted approximately 8 hours.

The second occurred several months later, I was reading a forum post on an unknown forum late at night, relating specifically to imagining life as a book in which every new day becomes a new chapter in ones life, where one is the hero, and one can influence the plot as he/her choses. Suddenly my realisation trigger was hit once again, and I went to sleep elated.

When I woke, the euphoric state was still upon me, and as I went about my daily business, I again noticed a much changed reaction from everyone I encountered, generally far more positive, happy and open than usual. Random people approached and talked to me, and no one ever talks to strangers in the UK. This time it lasted around 16 hours from start to completion.

Anywhom, it was tremendous at the time, but I am no longer one to dwell on the past as I have made immense progress in my life improvement. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar scenario?

June 14, 2011 at 8:25 pm

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Profile photo of rosca rosca (@rosca) 2 years, 9 months ago ago

I have had many euphoric experiences over the years. They all happened outdoors but I can’t point to any particular trigger. The strangest one was when I was visiting an oasis in the Persian Gulf. It was dusty and smelly with just a few ragged palm trees, a shabby shack and some goats. It was REALLY hot and humid so I walked over to the shade of the roof on the shack. There were goats, goat crap and an enormous number of flies who’s buzzing seemed deafening in the otherwise silence. Then suddenly I was overcome by a sense of complete and totla perfection and I mentally said to myself “you could die here and it would be perfect” which is a pretty weird thing to think but I assure you that it was a beatiful moment of communion with the great ? that I shall never forget.

Profile photo of breadpud breadpud (@breadpud) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

glad I found this discussion. Has been on my mind for over 10 years. Around then, I was reading the bible quite a bit and attending Alpha courses. One afternoon I was reading Matthew’s sermon on the mount. The sun came out and I had an epiphany. It was wonderful. All my worries, depression disappeared. I became acutely aware of all around me. I was just full of joy. It lasted for about 3 months. I always put this down to Holy Spirit, but never had further instructions (not aware of anyway). 10 years on from that, I’m not religious and never furthered religion. But it has always always, been on my mind since. I have considered it to be a chemical reaction in the past and have truthfully been concerned I have gone against some higher power wishes. It really was such an eye-opener and do hope I can experience it again one day. Glad to read I’m not the only one to have experienced this gift at least

Profile photo of Damion Damion (@noimadsuperlove) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

@exist, Mirror neurons?!

Profile photo of Sean LeBlanc Sean LeBlanc (@bongodeburrito) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

All the time. The first time I did fly agaric was when it happened. After I came down, I felt at peace. A few hours later, I went with my buddies to the skate park. I just sat in the truck in silence, and had my first ever experience of a clear mind. No wandering thought or worry, and fully realized, as if I could hold it in the palm of my hand “Worrying solves nothing”. I had been believing for a while that the vast majority of stress most people deal with on a regular basis is totally unnecessary, and detrimental to the situation. I had lived with this idea the best I could, exercising it quite well. But only then did it become an integral part of me. And that amazed me. I describe my mindset at that time as if someone was holding a kitten in my face screaming “LOOK AT IT! ITS SO GODDAMN PEACEFUL!” The greatest contradiction of ecstasy and relaxation I can imagine. Maybe it was all an after effect of the shrooms, but I like to think it was sober me processing what tripping me realized that day.

Profile photo of Exist Exist (@exist) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

Found this video!!

Reminds me of exactly how I felt when I had the experiences described in the OP.

As for my personal progress over the last two years, I’m now able to trigger this euphoria on demand.

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