Tell us about yourself.

3 years ago

Where do you come from?

Rich strict family, broke liberal family? suburban, rural, city?
Hard rocker type? Hipster? Hippy? Thugster?(thats what i call ‘em) Or just yourself?

Ive been hopping around lower to mid class hoods rocking hoodies and pistols for awhile, eventually made it to london, made mad money hustling and partying. Learned so much about myself, both through culture change, and psychedelics.
Living in florida, my mom tried to be strict and shelter me from everything around us, but it probably just led to me becoming the very thing she tried to prevent. a weed smoking, drug dealing, beatboxing, street hustler.
Now im back in the hood, going to college, and working 2 jobs, trying to shed light on a very dark place through art.
Ive got some other big plans for molding the world into what I think it should be like. Or atleast in my immediate surroundings.

Looking back on my past, I wouldnt trade it for the world. Homelessness, almost a year in jail, fights, and rolling with any “type” imaginable, all learning experiences.
When Im around all of these wealthy sheltered type, I sometimes have trouble syncing vibrations.
Thats why I like preforming magic so much. It gives me an excuse to vibrate with anyone, from any culture, and any background, randomly with almost no introduction about myself. (even in china, where i hardly knew the language)

My experiences have collectivly resulted in my mindset and expanded view of the world.

Whats your story? Sum it up for us.
I gave a very brief versian of my story. I could go on and on with war stories of a teenage adventurer like myself. But im sure you could too! Lookout for my autobiography some day though, itl be a good read.

Enough about me.

April 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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Profile photo of Shane Sully Shane Sully (@sully) 3 years ago ago

@rosa lavant How did you come about naming Paul? Does it talk back?

Profile photo of stonedragon stonedragon (@stonedragon21) 3 years ago ago

i love you alexa. you are one of the craziest most right on people on HE. you have been there in the darkness and you know the meaning of the light.

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