Terence Mckenna

3 years ago

I looked for it, but couldnt find a topic of this guy.
Those of you who know him need no explanation, and those of you who do not; I recommend listening to this
I just opend this because 2012 is among us and I know all of you like to see big changes but still everybody´s very sceptical about it… but somehow to me terence´s theory keeps making more sense because of the speeding up into complexity and we are now already in a stage were major changes occur on a basis of 10 years, and this is not slowing down. And with the recent discovery’s in science like the higgs-particle, things moving faster than the speed of light, social change: the protests, little revolutions here and there, I think it is pretty reasonable that we are going to change somehow, considering that greater events will occur in a faster rate.
I am very curious what you think of his theory

January 24, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 3 years ago ago

Terence Mckenna is interesting, he’s got a lot of insightful wisdom, but he’s also living proof that drugs fuck you up beyond repair.


@Manimal what about Terrence is “fucked up beyond repair”?

Profile photo of Peter Westermann Peter Westermann C (@pwestermann) 3 years ago ago

Terence is an amazing person! This page of random quotes from him is really great – http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Terence_McKenna

Profile photo of Michael Michael (@mike) 3 years ago ago

@Manimal; Curious as to why you think so. Same question as Aaron over here.

Profile photo of Joseph Joseph (@warriors41) 3 years ago ago

I have not read any of his work, simply heard and watched, but I take into account his propositions about human history (stoned ape theory, timewave zero) and I take them to be true. They don’t make any assumptions but so far they have not disobeyed with my own reason. Terence was opposed to science, which I don’t agree with totally, but he has radically helped me understand not only what’s going on in the world, but HOW to tell whats going on in the world. Thanks to Terence, I see almost every moment of my life as a fractal part of history. My mind thinks in terms of “faster and faster” and “shorter and shorter” and the connections I can make are very interesting to me.

I always recommend that anyone who’s going to take psychedelics listen to Terence. One of my favourite things he said was that “Nothing lasts”. It could be good or bad, but when you’re tripping and you feel like you’re about to die, its a good thought to have in your head. :p


@Joseph if your curious about books by him the one I was given by a friend was The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History

As you can see, basically, its totally sweet.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

Ignore manimal, though he does bring wisdom at times there’s the other times where he posts just to post something like talking to hear himself talk.

Terrance was a beautiful mind and he stuns me in any mind state especially sober. His ability to elaborate in great detail and depth with incredible knowledge will have me on the floor with my jaw dropped. His last interview was one of the best! The one where he is sitting in a jungle then talks about the game plan of life that humans made long long ago, basically saying the meaning of life is distorted for individuals, but the meaning of life for society of to complicate everything, then after he hits his thoughts on 2012, SOO FUCKING GOOD

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