The most effective birth control in the world… Is for men?

2 years ago

Today I learned that Indian scientists developed a polymer injection for the male that renders sperm useless.

The procedure takes about 15 minutes and can be easily reversed using a flush of water and solvent. It uses a polymer injection through the scrotum and into the Vas Deferens. The polarity of the molecules in the polymer destroy the sperm as they pass through the vas Deferens. The reason you may have never heard of it? An injection costs less than the price of 2 syringes, it lasts for ten years or until you have it removed, it could eliminate HIV completely in certain areas of the world, and pharmaceutical companies would make no money off of it.

I will post the link below, and I would like to hear what you guys know/think!

January 17, 2013 at 10:04 pm

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Profile photo of winslow winslow (@winslow) 2 years ago ago

And kill all the little guys in my balls? jk but really I wouldnt be down to inject down there. If I could even get lucky enough to have a kid I would be so down.

Profile photo of Thunderfeet Thunderfeet (@thunderfeet) 2 years ago ago

Yeah I read about this a while ago. its a shame that something that can help out society and help us from over populating the planet is basically ignored because there’s no profit from it. Me personally I would not enjoy having a needle stuck in my scrotum but If i only have to do it every ten years it seems like it would be worth it.

Profile photo of KevinSG KevinSG (@flyingrhino) 2 years ago ago

They are working on a pill form that contracts the muscles in the vas deferens to prevent everything form getting out. take it an hour or so before sex and wears off between 16-24 hours from my understanding.@thunderfeet, @winslow,


I would take the shit out of it. :)

Profile photo of Kayla Kayla (@kayla147258) 2 years ago ago

@thunderfeet, Little do the pharmaceutical companies know, the less populated the earth gets the more jobs, the less people on assistance. Technically they would gain money from this. So ridiculous.

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