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Share those life-changing quotes, articles. etc. that have really stood out and helped you the most.

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@brandonphillips, humility toward those younger than me/high schoolers/teenagers. I have heard some extremely wise stuff from 15-16 year olds on here.

The fact that everyone has the propensity and ability to change for the better and become more open minded with time.

Optimism toward the human race. (!!!!!!)

Solidarity in my strangeness which is actually shared by others!!! :O (Feeling less alone about always being the black sheep.)

And I hate to jump on the sucking-Manimal-off Bandwagon but…. Fuckin’ Manimal.

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Just realized that was more general things I’ve learned from here rather than quotes/articles but, there you have it.

Oh another thing I forgot to add that is one of if not the most life changing of all… The loss of the need to be “right”. I used to waste so much time on here arguing. I learned to let go of that through realizing that it got me absolutely nowhere, and now I laugh at my past self. Hahaha!

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Anonymous (@)2 years ago ago

That I’m not too different nor alone, that people really do think about consciousness and our existence to a higher level than I thought and to me that might be one of the most important things I’ve learnt period. I can’t really share any quotes or articles in particular but I think it’s more of a whole (although i assume you dont wanna hear that).

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Mine is the idea that in order for the world to change for the better, we have to each individually take part. “Be the change that you want to see” It won’t happen any other way. I’ve learned that in all of the vast universe it is the tiny moving parts that make up the whole. You must put in the effort for things that you may or may not even see in the future. I’ve learned that dispite our small bodies in relation to the universe we are apart of it and we’re all here together. We’re all connected, and that, is beautiful knowledge to know.

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DaJetPlane (@lytning91)2 years ago ago

It’s not just me.

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@chadbeland, Thanks for sharing the egg. It was my first time reading it. Very enlightening and magical giving that it’s a belief that has no “do this and don’t do this or you’ll go to hell” or any negative evils and that sort of stuff. I’d like to think that this is the way it really is. It makes people think twice about how they treat others.

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VernalSoul (@vernalsoul)2 years ago ago

What @limitedmoon said. And that there’s many things, that many different intelligent people can discuss with different points of view and there’s so many ways to be right on so many subjects.

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My favorite bit of information that I’ve learned so far is that; I am not my thoughts. Behind all of the continuous mind clatter, and self-identifying comparisons that go on in my head there is a pure loving spirit. This spirit is what makes it possible to be aware of our thoughts and feelings in the first place. It is pure consiousness. This is WHAT WE REALLY ARE.
<–And thats why my profile pic looks the way it does.

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TheDude1985 (@thedude1985)2 years ago ago

That there are other people out there like me who care about the things in life that are more important than money and physical possessions.

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Graschi (@graschi)2 years ago ago

That I can realise my dreams, and that i’m on my way to do so. There is a long way to go though. :)

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@brandonphillips, Teenagers rule the internet.

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jgreen (@andropar)2 years ago ago

that life goes on no matter what happens, so why worry and not make the best out of it :)

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John (@totempole)2 years ago ago

That I am not the only freak :).

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Muhammed (@mehdi756)2 years ago ago

@totempole, Yeah apperantly were all just freaks =D

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Ray Butler (@trek79)2 years ago ago

Nihilism. I hated the idea of it but I came to understand it and that it is not a suicide pill but a means to disolve attachment. I did that and since I have rebuilt new attachments, but they are attachments of my design, not what I have been conditioned for. Now I have a greater psychological balance and I can interpret information much more accurately.
I also decided to embrace my passion for writing fiction because of this site, that has done wonders for the balance I spoke of. As crazy as I still am, I am saner than I have ever been.

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TheSkaFish (@theskafish)2 years ago ago

- Creativity, be it writing, instruments, visual arts, etc. is not a special gift from above or from genetics that you have to be born with….in fact, there are not many things which are. The creative process is as much a process as learning how to do math. There are no such things as “creatives” and “noncreatives”, like most artificial dichotomies, they only exist because we’ve been conditioned to believe in them so strongly.

- Making money doesn’t have to be difficult (still trying to get this, but at least I’m more open to the possibility of this than before / life without bills and with advanced technology is possible. It’s still true that society is lopsided and lies a lot, but, there’s a lot more I could do to help myself to learn about gaining wealth. Again, not for opulence’s sake, nor for ego……just that the rat race is really really bad for your physical and mental health, and all around wellbeing.

- Learning to let go of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, most of which have little to no basis in reality outside of my head. Learning to let go of irrelevant things which used to make me mad, but, they are in the past, they are gone for good. No need to worry.

- That the whole attraction business is actually very very simple….do x, get y, yada yada. Again, not something you have to be born with or you just don’t get it.

- That nothing is fixed. Barring terminal illness, there’s almost always something you can do to fix your situation.