The “right thoughts”

3 years ago

Hey everybody! Anyone who’s read pretty much anything about Law of Attraction knows they almost always tell you "You need to be the right person to be a vibrational match to your desires." Meaning: "You need to be the kind of person who deserves this." Do any of you guys have any idea on how to change your mind from being a "bad person" to a "good person"?

March 21, 2012 at 8:27 pm

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Profile photo of WJ WJ (@chuang11) 3 years ago ago

That’s a hard one, are you talking about “The Secret”?

btw, if you happened to read the conversation with god by Neale, you will see that in the Law of Attraction that described by Neale can be attract only two things: Love or Fear. In the book, there is no GOOD or BAD.
There are just Fear or Love, the thing which God created.

So for you question, I would say just think about love. Anything that love creates should attract another love. So I would say just do the thing you love, it doesn’t matter it’s bad or good in this world. However, it’s for sure will attract another love thing to you. Hence you won’t regret that desire.

Profile photo of craig craig (@cgbush) 3 years ago ago

remember, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are all a matter of opinion. just go with the flow of what feels ‘good’. keep doing good things, and good things will happen. mayb not emediately, but stay with pacience, all things come to he who waits n what not

Profile photo of Sasho Stoyanov Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

Hahaha, I know this one. From being irritated to stop being irritated and when making a horrible, horrible mistake – just laugh and tell that you were idiot all the goddamn time and you can learn to be a little more careful just because you are still a dumbass and don’t want to feel guilty.

The Law Of Distraction.

Go and tell a starving kid in Somalia that everything is going to be alright and they’ll probably eat you from your belongings.
There are no right or wrong thoughts. You’re just gonna think whatever the fuck you want just because you can. But there are right and wrong actions which may cost you something that you probably hold in the first place just to pay with it.
People can even lie about Karma. I mean… they lie all the time.
This shit about being a good person is getting too much attention. No one can be absolutely good and absolutely bad. People lie to protect their pathetic illusionary reputations. Love thy devil.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome “You cannot chase more than one rabbit at a time and catch either one of them.” Mary Kay Ash

Profile photo of Jason Jason (@thinknowlivenow) 3 years ago ago

Hello Lindsey!

Great thread! The only true way to begin shifting your thoughts to a more positive polarity is to cultivate the self-discipline needed to stay consciously aware of thoughts as they arise. Then, over time, we naturally counteract negative thoughts with positive ones.

Many people misperceive this practice and miss the mark, then conclude that it’s faulty and/or unreliable. Reality caters to lower-entropy consciousness, and those with the positivity and self-discipline to “ride the wave” of synchronicity will be rewarded with highly opportunistic experiences meant to catalyze their conscious/spiritual growth (i.e. decrease entropy).

This is the correct use of habitual action, and one that leads to fantastic results if the person can maintain discipline : )

Profile photo of stonedragon stonedragon (@stonedragon21) 3 years ago ago

easier to say than to do at crucial times of high stress and old emotional patterns. but like you say jason it is a question of mind training.
starting just simply by watching the breath, and letting what ever thoughts arise, watching them pass like clouds on a clear sky.
eventually you can train like this, so that when crucial times arise you can also just first watch then react. or even realize that negative thoughts are less frequent. rather than controling yourself. just be kind and patient like with a small child.

Profile photo of Jason Jason (@thinknowlivenow) 3 years ago ago

“easier to say than to do at crucial times of high stress and old emotional patterns. but like you say jason it is a question of mind training.”

@Stonedragon; that’s the misperception! Choice is neutral; your current level of emotional investment in these types of thoughts is the real trap. Everything else is just a symptom of these issues. If you can discipline yourself to stay aware, you’re taking care of the root of the problem.

I agree that high-stress situations make it harder to stay centered, but this is the very purpose of personal growth. To build up our immunity to the trivial so the pure and holistic replace them. We can complain all we want (not implying that you or anyone else here is complaining, stonedragon : ) ) about the weights being too heavy, but nobody else can lift them for us. After a while, you’ll find yourself in incredible spiritual shape! : )

Profile photo of Mikey W Mikey W (@mikeyw829) 3 years ago ago

There are no right thoughts in my opinion. How you feel and what you think right now are all that matters, and it is the only thing that is right. It doesn’t matter what the thought itself is, because it is what it is. Denying yourself of how you truly feel will not get you anywhere. The key is to be aware of how you think and feel right now.

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