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Smoke Dogg (@smokedogg)    2 years ago

Hi so far I’ve done molly about 4 times I believe and with each we do 2 and a half caps each I’ve been wondering what the best way to take it is. My friends and I have tried snorting half a cap, and licking the other half. So we never tried swallowing it and we’re wondering which is the best way to do it. So if you can please describe each way to do it. Like how long it lasts each one, and which way is the best way to take it. Oh and on a side note every time we do molly along with the bumping out to house, and being zombified we also have very deep conversations. a coke head took a piss in my driveway and she said we were like mediating or something lol, is that normal with molly?

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Anonymous (@)2 years ago ago

@smokedogg, don’t snort things, it gives you the mentality of abuse.

Just ingest, eat it. It takes 30min-hour for strong effects, then do whatever you want. Don’t do it for “Something to do”. Make a goal, or have a purpose, or at least have respect for it. It is a powerful thing, can be abused, and can have diminishing returns, as with all drugs.

Deep long conversations are a must on all psychoactives…

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Smoke Dogg (@smokedogg)2 years ago ago

yerr its a weekend thing for us. Is it ok to do molly when ur wearing contacts?

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Anonymous (@)2 years ago ago

@smokedogg, Canadian?

MDMA has long term effects when used weekly, I would suggest maximum use be reduced to every 3 months to give your brain time to equilibrate after use.

A weekend thing of molly can really get to you, I’ve seen it many times before, and don’t believe you’re any different…

Its a good substance, but can have some bad effects if abused.

Why the hell would contacts do anything?

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Speaking for experience, weekly use can be pretty bad for some people. I’ve seen a lot of people have severe emotional reactions after casual use turns into habitual use.
That being said, after doing molly recreationally with a group of friends for a while we developed with most amazing friendship with each other. The amount of stuff you talk about with your friends on a couple of pills that you’d think you’d never say to anyone is incredible.

Has it’s advantages of use, and it’s disadvantages of misuse. Use wisely. :P

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cori (@c0r1)2 years ago ago

snorting it makes it kick in faster, but i’m pretty sure it actually last longer if you just take the capsule. i’ve also heard of people just breaking open the capsule or powder and letting it dissolve under their tongue to avoid waiting. personally, i just eat them. it’s worth the wait and i can feel it creeping up to better prepare myself for the roll.

DO NOT DO IT EVERY WEEKEND! that is honestly one of the dumbest things i’ve ever heard. you will develop a tolerance and always be extremely depressed when you aren’t rolling. i’d say once every couple months is the maximum that you should do molly. use it as a treat, and for your mind, not as a recreational activity for your body or something to do when you’re bored.

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Kevin (@bigred)2 years ago ago

ive read that molly isnt fully bioavailable when snorted.

you need to be looking into vitamin regimins over ROAs if your looking to get the most out of your experience.
5htp,vit c, and l-tyrosine before during and after for starts.
but googles really helpful btw.

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Kevin (@bigred)2 years ago ago

and ya, dont do it evey weekend. trust me. people kill themselves.

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Tomas Luque (@tomastomenos)1 year, 2 months ago ago

@smokedogg, @ijesuschrist, I’ve always read and being told that sublingual administration is the best, for the following:
- pure MDMA shouldn’t be snorted because it has a crystal structure. Snorting it makes for a lesser absorption and more severe stress for the mucosa than with coke, it being powder.
- you can eat it, but the effects will take a little longer to appear and I’ve always wonderer the amount of drug that remains just messing around with your lunch instead of being flirty with the right neurotransmitter.
- swallowing a capsule doesn’t let you smell or taste the MDMA. It’s very important to submit your shit to meticulous scrutiny. Whatever the ingestion method, taste, smell, look and touch before starting the fireworks ;-)
- the sublingual administration gets the drug through the capillary vessel underneath your tongue and directly into the blood stream. The amount you take is the amount you dose. Just put it under your tongue and let it be and spread under. The bitterness is unbearable, but if so precedes the best times. Most will be traveling north in a minute or so, some will have dissolved and down the lunch-route.
- IMHO, sublingual administration makes it for an easier dosage and you can take fractions of the crystals consisting your dose. Every half hour allows you to realize slowly the different effects of the drug, making it a lot safer if you’re smart. After 1.5h and 3 subdosages you are where you want to be, in a safer way. This is only based on my experience, any opinions?
An inconvenience would be that, given the acid nature of our common friend here, you might experience some unpleasure under the tongue for a couple of days, hiding behind the smile of the naughty ego you got.
PS: Thanks everyone, first day on HE, first post.

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Tomas Luque (@tomastomenos)1 year, 2 months ago ago

@tomastomenos, and yeah, once a month is stretching it (I can’t help but indulge myself in the summer). Let your brain some months to recover. Learn what you like from the experience and use it in your chemically normal life, and the months will pass… much better.

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Seth Harding (@Sethharding)4 months, 2 weeks ago ago

Do that shit at Disneyland… life changing

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Nigel (@Nidari)4 months, 1 week ago ago

MDMA, whatta drug.
I’ve done in on and off for the last two years or so. When I was reeaally doing it, my friends and I would do it like every week or every couple days. DON’T! The tolerance you build up keeps you doing more and more and we would be doing like a ball(3.5g) between like 3 or 4 people. It’s fun but the after affects and how you feel the weeks after. SHITTY.
I can tell you this though, MDMA opened my mind to a reality different or greater than the one we’re now in. Had contact with my higher self, and actual legit E.Ts, the most mind blowing and inspiring and heart warming experience I’ve had to date. Setting the intention is good, because it helps you discover more about yourself and the world.
You can mix it in water and make MOLLYWATER ! Which is great ! or snort it(probs not the best way though) as you look kinda crack doing it. It kicks in faster and harder but best not to try.
Capsules and parachuting are always good.
MDMA is powerful. So take your time and experiment with doses too see whats the perfect amount for you. Cheers !

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Akshat (@ak08)3 months, 3 weeks ago ago

I really don’t know much about molly but a close friend(party animal) of mine suggested me this site.

Very Informative!

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SunOverMidgard (@locustnet)3 months, 1 week ago ago

Molly is not XTC, Molly is” DMT” which exists every living thing from plants and mammals, to aquatic life and plants. (normally). People have had strokes, seizures and has been a suspect for these ridiculous Zombie face eating freaks because they snorted the shit. Pills, Gelcaps or tablets (full or pulverized) plus an inhibitor, by mouth is the best way to enjoy the full effects without long term damage to the brain. There is no need for vitamins C or B-12 like people usually take on XTC. You’ll just end up shortening your normally controlled perception of reality. Cheap bastards sometimes cut their molly with a small amount of MDMA and shit like xanax, oxycontin or vicodin. Use a trustworthy supplier… and don’t drink if you want to have the experience, You don’t want to take that 50-50 gamble of ending up in the ER, or simply ruining it by being half and half w/ no self control, ruining it for everyone else. MOLLY MOLLYYYYYYYYY… MOLLY MOLLY… MOLLY MOLLYYY… MOLLY… MOLLAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TRBN (@trbn)2 months ago ago

All of this information is untrue. Please inform yourself better.

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Alex G (@AlexGonzalez)1 month, 1 week ago ago

dude, what are you talking about? Not true at all

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Craig F (@CFlatt)2 months, 3 weeks ago ago

Just get it down you. lots of it too.

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Conner J. (@connerj93)2 months, 1 week ago ago

haha my thoughts exactly! The most i’ve ever done is a .7 line in one go. . . I couldn’t feel my body anymore and my whole world became jelly.

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sobrietyover (@sobrietyover)2 months ago ago

I haven’t taken Ecstasy in 8 years, I recently got some mdma powder, which is why I’m here.
I abused it when I was a teenager until I was 20/21
Believe me when I say it can have extreme long term effects on your psychological health if you take it every weekend.
Also important to remember is that you can never be 100% sure what is in it (unless you have access to a drug testing kit) so with that said. When you buy something, only take a small amount first to see what your reaction will be and then base your dose from there.

Once every 3 months sounds like a good amount of time to leave between uses.
There is research on long term effects on the brain for frequent users. Your ability to regulate seretonin (happy chemical in your brain) is impaired.
The more often you take it the worse it gets