This man Jibankrishna (Diamond) who appears in dreams and reality as unknown man

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Sambhunath Sinha, Kolkata, India has narrated his first experience with Jibankrishna thus:
In the year 1966-67, I had the opportunity of listening to the reading of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’ by Diamond) by Mr Bholanath Mukherjee, an old devotee of Diamond. He used to say after each reading,’ if anyone sees an unknown fellow in dreams he can corroborate with his living figure’. He also used to say,’Yes, not knowing or hearing anything about him anyone can see him in dreams and we have enough proofs of it.

Hearing this, I became confused and thought-is it possible! One remarkable incident happened in my life. After hearing this reading many past dreams began to appear in my memory. Mr Mukherjee used to explain all these dreams and simultaneously the inner meanings of the mythological incidents began to be clear to me.

After a few days, in the 1st half of 1967, I saw this dream:: It was about 10 p.m, I was walking on a road. All the street lights were on. I noticed that on my left side a bit away from me only one shop remained opened with illuminations. It was about 4-5 feet higher than the footpath. I only saw that only bunches of a wide varieties of grapes were hanging. I had an intention of eating grapes and seeing a bunch, I wanted one. But I wanted such grapes which were wild and sour. After getting 4-5 grapes I began to eat and started walking. But to my astonishment I noticed that each grape was sweet instead of sour taste Deciding to eat more I again approached towards that shop and wanted more grapes and heard,’ Oh, there is none’! Hearing this I looked upwards and saw a tall figured gentleman, short hair-cut, short-beard and wearing dhoti and Punjabi(Bengali national dress). Here the dream went off.

I narrated this dream to two of my friends who used to visit Diamond regularly. Hearing my dream they said,’you have seen Diamond and you should go there for identification. I said,’ I have seen only once. Let me have 2-3 dreams, then I shall go.’ After this I started going regularly to listen to reading ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’, ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ etc and narrate my dreams which I used to see off and on. Though I did not see him in dreams anymore, but I used to feel an unknown attraction for him.

Then one day I went to Diamond’s residence at Betaitala of howrah where he shifted from kadamtala.In the first meeting he hugged me like a very familiar one which I shall never forget in my life. Hearing my dream he said,’Oh my boy, these are grapes! These have to be kept very carefully wrapped in cotton!’ He meant to say that my realizations have to be cultured very carefully.

Out of my very few dreams, I am mentioning one remarkable one before finishing my experience.

The whole night I was walking with Diamond having conversations. Then I saw my expired father though his head was of Diamond. Then he put me on his shoulder and entered into a big lake. There I saw a huge grape orchard with huge number of bunches hanging. Then sitting on his shoulder I began picking grapes from the bunches and eating one by one.



Banabithi Biswas (7 years old)
(Narrated by her mother)

Banabithe is 7 years old. One day she told her mother, ‘Mom, I saw an old grandfather in my dream. Being asked she told, ‘I am dreaming a rainbow in the sky and saw him sitting with folded legs inside that rainbow.’
Afterwards her mother showed her the photograph of Diamond and she said, ‘yes, I have seen him in my dream’.
Strangely she never heard anything about Diamond.
Kota, Rajasthan, India.

Ritam Roy (6 years old)

That time Ritam was four. One day he dreamed that in the morning he was playing under a murrya plant on their portico. Suddenly he saw an old man, fair complexioned wearing a dhoti and short cut hair style and bearded. He told Ritam, ‘Are you playing? You are a very good boy.’ Saying this he patted on his head. Then he woke up. Later on when Ritam saw photo of Diamond he recognized him to be the same man seen in his dream.
Harisabha Madhyamgram
North-24 Parganas

October 10, 2012 at 5:29 am

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