To leave or not to leave college…

2 years, 2 months ago

Recently, I have been feeling disconnected from the world (mainly our society). The idea of truly loving yourself and others, of living for the present (not for the future/past), of expanding your understanding of the human condition and human existence is completely overlooked and mocked in our modern society. I am currently finishing my third semester at college, but I can not see myself returning for the spring. College, and the education system in general, is completely at odds with my newfound understanding of the world.

So now, I\’m stuck and I\’m looking for advice. I really cannot see myself returning to school (at least not semester), but I\’m not sure what I should do. I do not want to end up living with my parents and working a crappy job, nor do I have a ton of funds to get my own place and start a new life. Ideas I have come up with so far: hiking the Appalachian Trail (or something similar), trying to find a super cheap backpacking trip, or a last minute \”study abroad\” trip. Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

November 22, 2012 at 11:22 pm

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Profile photo of Mason Lindblad Mason Lindblad (@masonzero) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@peacendblessins, I am also finishing my third semester of college, and while I definitely have an understanding of the world that very few of my peers do, I don’t have any interest in leaving. I hate that I’m in this institutionalized system where I repeatedly go to school and will eventually have to get a job and pay off debts for the rest of my life. However, I’m taking the opportunity to learn as much as I can (I’m double-majoring plus attending all possible meetings and lectures for other topics) while I have this chance. My hope is that I get through this education system and end up working a job that I can enjoy, because I’m majoring in things I think I would enjoy. I’ve also made a promise to myself to not get stuck in the average American pattern after college and be a slave to society; I’m going to live how I want to live, but be in harmony with society to reap the best of both worlds. The other things typing me down to college is my friends, my fantastic friends.

So no matter how disconnected you feel from the world due to any sort of enlightenment, if you can find a way to learn about things you’re passionate about and surround yourself with people you can bond with, I don’t think you’ll have any desire to leave college. Trust me, there’s times where I will disappear from it all to go off on my own and think about the world and I don’t feel like I fit into this mold society is trying to make, but when I come back to my classes and my friends, it makes me glad that I’m sticking with it right now.

But honestly, if you can’t stand it, go on an adventure! As long as you don’t end up living with your parents working a crappy job. Maybe just do something crazy over your winter break and if you decide you want to do that instead of be in school, then withdraw before the semester starts and live your life, but make sure you know what you’re doing. I am all for living in the present, but sometimes if there is an attainable future full of pleasure that will take a little suffering in the present to get there, it’s worth it. Just find an attainable goal that college will take you to! Set benchmarks.

That was kind of rambling, but I hope you get something out of it. From one college sophomore to another!

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

It took me 3 schools, 4 major shifts, 1year off and 6 years to finally get my degrees.
I used to think I was too good for school but really, I was just in the wrong school, the wrong major, surrounded by the wrong people.
I travelled throughout Asia and Europe… alone. It really gave me chance to get to know myself. The people I met gave me a better understanding of the world – hearing what they do, how they got to where they are in life, where they are headed, etc. and it really helped me figure out what I really wanted to do with mine. And once I knew I started working my way towards it – looked for the right school, etc.
So… rambling aside. What I’m trying to say is… go and take that trip, even if it’s just during your school break. Go alone and take sometime for yourself. BUt I definitely encourage you to go back to school after and get that degree… in something that you love, because then working to pay off those loans would be alot easier when you’re doing something you really like.

Profile photo of Quiggz Quiggz (@quiggz) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

Vintabeans got it right.

Listen up, kiddo. You’ve got one shot at this life you’re living right now, and I think you know exactly what you have to do. You just need a little encouragement.
You don’t sound conflicted, really. And why should you be? Working and learning in fields you’re not interested in or passionate about sucks! And it’s no way to live your life. So take a good look at what you think is important and chase after it! No matter what kind of crazy (or stupid) adventure it may be, do what you feel you have to and you won’t regret it at all. Last year I hopped on my bicycle and rode across the country taking life one day at a time because it’s what I felt like I needed. And as it turns out, it was the best thing I have ever done in my life.
As for school, that is a decision you should make when you find something you WANT to learn more about. Universities are supposed to be places you go when you want to gain expertise in a subject you care about, not just part of the machine everyone gets run through. If you don’t like what you’re studying, don’t waste your time or money on it! Come back in a few years when you decide you really love archeology, or basket weaving or something. And then study it!
You’ve got a big world and an exciting life ahead of you. Go chase it with your soul as a compass and all the vigor you can muster.
And the best of fortune be with you!

Profile photo of Aline Aline (@aleen) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

I was in the same situation as you some months ago!
I was studying during two years in 2 differents things i wasn’t really interested (computer and the other year: literature), i cut class A LOT then at the end of the scholar year, i had enought of this type of life so i quit university.
But only after finding what i love to do: jewelries creating and artistics creations. Unfortunely, i don’t have money to going into private schools so i learn everything from home, i created a mini shop to sell my jewelries ( and hope i could make a living with my creations in the future.

I think your heart already knows what you want to do but your mind is afraid of knowing it.
Just for a moment, forget everything, forget the past and the future and tell us what you want to do now and where you want to be NOW?

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