Ways to become more creative

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How to become more creative in the way i think, in art, photography. Just to be a more creative person.

November 25, 2012 at 9:29 pm
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Anonymous (26) (@) 3 years ago ago

smoke a lot of weed:P

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Ra (169) (@grandkintaro777) 3 years ago ago

There was a thread here I read on when people choose late nights to be creative. They mentioned that during the night your mind isn’t on the run taking the day in, rather you’re settled down and totally more able to free think.

I can’t remember the thread. But what I gather late nights may actually be a golden time for creativity.

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Allen (0) (@allenante) 3 years ago ago

I’ve read an article that you literally have to get outside the box. You can try sitting beside a box I think. Another is that you can make a mental map. And just before sleeping (when not really tired) do you find yourself that your mind is pumping with ideas? Be it a style for clothing, an idea, just anything?! I’ve also read that reading The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka will enhance your creativity.

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Anonymous (216) (@) 3 years ago ago

Hours of contemplating art

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Lyssa (1) (@miralyss) 3 years ago ago

Just put a whole bunch of random things in front of you (pictures, objects, paint) and then work your magic. You will get so many ideas from just looking at them.