what would you do?

2 years, 7 months ago

in this topic you may post questions you are interested hearing someone else’s answers to. this to have a little insight to other human brains :)

1) what would you do when the electrical power would be off for 2 months in the country you were in?
2) what would you miss the most when you had no electrical power?
3) what would be different after you didn’t have electrical power for 2 month’s? would you continue like you did those 2 month’s or no?

4) could you go without a mobile phone?
5) could you go without internet?

my answers to them:
1) grow my own garden, get a hold on some sun energy plates, wind energy etc (to get warm water)
2) hmm good question :P… i guess my alarm clock? getting money of my bank haha.
3) i would continue some things like keeping the garden (eating of it).
the socialism would be way better after those 2 month’s. no phone means we have to see each other to help and talk to each other.

4) i did for 4 years, now its gone a hole month already for reparation and i can’t say i’m missing it that much.
5) that’s a hard one now that i’m so used to it. maybe in a country where internet isn’t so popular i could.

please share your own question’s and be free to reply to those you want to answer :)

July 12, 2012 at 12:59 pm

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Profile photo of Zevrinia Zevrinia (@zevrinia) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

(Answers to the original thread questions.)

1) I’ve had the chance to experience life without power for semi-long periods of time and I really value the amount of knowledge I gained about myself and the world around me. If the occasion were to occur again, I would take the chance to pick up a hobby that didn’t require power; reading more, drawing or even writing. I would grow a garden for myself and family, use the cold flowing river near my house as a refrigeration system for food items that should stay cold, I might even get my hands on a milk cow! Hand washing laundry, going potty in the woods and using lanterns really isn’t that bad.

2) Hot showers and light bulbs! I don’t rely totally on these two things but they sure make life a little more enjoyable/easy. I suppose that I could heat some water over the wood stove but that only goes so far.

3) I believe that a lack of power for two months would really teach me some good habits! I would keep the garden and milk cow, I’ve kinda been wanting those at any rate. Perhaps my creative and power free hobbies would also stick. I would definitely value the power that I am so privileged to have a deal more.

4) I sort of already do. I only use my mobile phone when in emergency situations or when I am terribly bored enough to fish it out of the bottom of my purse. I don’t like to busy myself with that tiny, pecking, beeping chatter box. Ha!

5) I could! I might get bored, but I could go without it. I would miss it a lot but I was pretty late with getting an internet connection at my home and I survived then.

(My Questions:)

1. What is one skill you’d like to learn? (i.e. playing guitar, drawing, speaking another language, etc)

2. If you could give someone, who was going to actually take it, a piece of advise, what would it be? How did you come to learn this?

3. What is something that you’re passionate about?

4. In short, where would you like to be in five years?

(My answers to my questions.)

1. I would love to speak another language, especially French! I’d like to do a lot of travel in the future and it’s just respectful to atleast attempt to speak the language that is native to the country where you’re going. I may not become fluent so easily, I can sure try.

2. Don’t worry so much about what they’ll think or if they’re laughing at you. Chances are, you’ll never even see those people again! I came to learn this through trial and error. I suffer from severe anxiety problems and this is one of the things that gets me through when I am in situations that really trigger panic attacks/nervousness.

3. I am passionate about fairness to animals, especially in breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous just by name! My pitbull is an angel and a loving/loved member of the family.

4. In five years, I would like to have made a few really great friends, possibly be married and settled into my own home! Basically, I’d like to be happy.

Profile photo of Iris Iris (@aneris) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

@zevrinia, le answers :

1. drawing, getting better at guitar, learning a other languish. (odd how you name them as example and are the 3 things I’ve been wanting to do)
2.value everything you get and have. I’ve lost a few things in my life and know how it is without them. also if you see how some other people are doing… and even when you think you have nothing you still have something like yourself. loving yourself the way you are is a big lesson (mostly) everyone learns in their lives.
3.nature in all its beauty.
4. have my own home, with a little garden in the backyard and a few animals. i have wanted to seen more of the word. finally learned the skill to astral project/ lucid dream. i have wanted to help more people then i do now.

more questions:

1) what would you do if the sea would almost completely been fished empty? (imagine it)
2) what are a few things your using more then you need? if so, why?

Profile photo of trevormsu trevormsu (@trevormsu) 2 years, 7 months ago ago

1. I would be very sad, but also concerned and motivated. if there was a movement to preserve what life was left (which I assume there would be), then I would definitely join it.

2. Money. I could definitely get by using less of it… maybe buy less coffee out? I also drink a little bit more than I need to, probably either because I am college or an alcoholic (I guess we will know in 5 years). Finally: paper towel. I have a bad, environmentally negative, habit of overusing it.

My Questions:
1. Apocalypse is about to happen in 24 hours. What do you do?
2. You drunkenly hook up with your boss on a Friday… what do you do?
3. Time travel is possible and you only get to visit one time period… which do you choose?
4. You find out the opposite of your spiritual belief is true (if your an atheist… there is a god; if your a theist… there is no god etc)… how do you react? what do you do?

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