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Avatar of MonkeyZazu
MonkeyZazu (@monkeyzazu)    10 months ago

Just came across this cool image:


My name came out to be Nature Guradian of Gaia, lol ^_^ What’s yours?

This is purely for fun too. Please no arguments. I much rather laugh about silly names, than dispute about anything.

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Avatar of Zykanthos
Zykanthos (@chodebalm)10 months ago ago

That’s BS. My lightworker name is Tim.

Avatar of JonH
JonH (@IJesusChrist)10 months ago ago

Jesus Christ. Whoa what a coincidence! Wow!
And look! Its 3:33!
And i just invented a free energy device.
And I stared at the sun and I don’t have to eat anymore!

Avatar of LVX
LVX (@Vovinawol)10 months ago ago

I am the peaceful dove of the fairy folk and hear me roar!

Avatar of
Anonymous (@)10 months ago ago

Pathfinder of the sacred grove. Heh.

Avatar of SedNo1
SedNo1 (@Sedentary-Nomad)10 months ago ago

Justice keeper of the Blue People!
The ironic part is I am the Defendant of a member of the Blue Man Group who was accused of eating yellow foods.

Avatar of Kafkaesquee
Kafkaesquee (@Kafkaesque)10 months ago ago

Spirit Whisperer of Avalon.. Lol

Avatar of Frosty
Frosty (@iflipvans)10 months ago ago

Spirit Whisper of Crystalline Cove… which, i do calm restless spirits and I do use crystals in meditation often

Avatar of Ra
Ra (@grandkintaro777)10 months ago ago

Contrast Master of the 7th dimension whatever that mean, sounds pretty cool.

Avatar of YHVH
YHVH (@spaceghost)10 months ago ago

healing light of the noble council.

Avatar of Panda Cheval
Panda Cheval (@PandaCheval)10 months ago ago

Healing Light Of The 7th Dimension. Funny because I’m studying medecine right know !

Avatar of Andrew Despotakis

Peaceful Dove of Crystalline Cove

Avatar of sian
sian (@siantastic)10 months ago ago

Pathfinder of the Noble Council.
Sure, I can own that.

Avatar of Cuauhtémoc Suárez

MIne is Pathfinder of Avalon

Avatar of Stephen
Stephen (@zhaetur)4 months ago ago

Aorus, though I didn’t get it from the name generator :)