Physical pain after dream; has this ever happened?

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D Dub21 (@ddub21)    1 year, 10 months ago

Soo the other night i had a dream that i was running, just running nothing really that cool or weird. I woke up and i swear to the universe that my legs are sore and i didnt do any physical activity whats so ever to cause this…Thoughts?

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Holly (@hollysraw)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@ddub21, maybe you were sleep walking/running?

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DaJetPlane (@lytning91)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@ddub21, I can attest to a similar phenomenon: I had a dream I was getting bit by something and then when I woke up I actually felt like I had a bite on my arm, but nothing was there.

In all honesty, I think it is as simple as your mind triggering the pain response from your nervous system. It’s like when you get a small cut somewhere on your person and it doesn’t start hurting until you see it, THEN the pain sort of rushes in. There have been numerous occasions where such a thing has happened to me. The mind is a fascinating thing, friend.

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Bryan Hellard (@xyver)1 year, 10 months ago ago

@ddub21, You don’t have to be running, perhaps while you were sleeping your brain was clenching and unclenching you muscles, and that’s why they got sore.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 10 months ago ago

How long did that last?

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Zykanthos (@chodebalm)1 year, 10 months ago ago

The mind is a powerful thing.