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 Tine (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago

( z+ ) threads contain the following commonalities,

– they tend to be funny
– they tend to be creative
– they have no inherent value other than to share something creative

so, if you want to post something random, like a picture, a limerick, short story, essay, intriguing observation,

please do so below, and join the pointlessness of ( z+ ) conversations

December 5, 2012 at 11:53 am
Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


see, this is how i know you are wrong, the witches contacted me the other day, explaining the brew WAS society split into 3 cucumber slices, instead of chocolate, they use the word fudge, fudge then contains the blood that drips from the radioman’s hands which explains why (R)adio + (T)ee-shirt = math.

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

She took a step back to catch her breath, a mix of sweat and blood dripping from her forehead. She touched the gash in her forehead and looked at the blood on her fingers.
“Isn’t it strange…” she said “…how we forget what it feels like… to feel?”

I got up and replied, “Hmm yes, that is strange… but we’re not here to talk, are we?”

She laughed. “Are you ready to meet your doom?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Absolutely, but… you always talk about my demise, yet you fail to deliver. What makes you think this time will be any different? Hmm?
Give me your best shot.”

She raised her dagger and asked “Trying to be a badass, are we? You know, I just knocked you to the ground.”

“That is true…” I replied, “..but I’m not the one who’s panting and sweating. Nor am I bleeding as much as you are. Do you want to take a break?”

She laughed and said “Don’t even try, I know you’re just trying to slither away, you know that you’re losing.”

There was no fear in her eyes, nor was there any anger. Her grudge was long gone. The last couple of times she had returned merely for the passion of strife, and the sheer joy of the bloodshed.

“Those cracks in your sanity are beginning to show.” I said, “Isn’t it funny how you’re becoming more and more like the man whom you want to put to an end?”

She smiled, “Well, I realized something. I understood why you did what you did, I understand you. I no longer wish to terminate your kind for revenge, I gave up that illusion of righteousness a long time ago, what I want is to replace you.
Because there can only be one.”

She got closer, I raised my guard and said
“So they say, but is it really so? There are many people like me, and all is fine as long as we don’t get too close to one another. Do you think I would have spared you if I was the least bit worried that you might put me out of the game? I won’t be around forever, and I want to make sure that my legacy is not lost, and thanks to you… it won’t.”

She charged at me, we crossed blades, she flung mine away. She took a swing, but I caught her arm.

“I’m impressed, you’ve improved. But let’s fight on equal terms, shall we?” I say, as I disarm her.

She agreed. She took something out of her pocket, she tried to conceal it, then she threw off the cliff. All I could see was that it was sharp and shiny.

“A secret weapon? You’re bringing secret weapons to our fight? How dare you, how could you stoop so low? This is unacceptable!”

I charged at her, she tried to retaliate but she was just too tired. I grabbed her by the throat.

“See, I told you that you were losing your power. You’re too tired to fight. I could end this right now, and I should, since you cheated. As much as I enjoy this game, I cannot tolerate this. This is supposed to be my haven, my peaceful place, yet you come here time and time again, and now you bring concealed weapons…”

I lead her over to the cliff.
“If I ever see you around here again, I will throw you off this cliff… Understand?”

She nods, as tears start emerging from her eyes. I throw her to the ground. What little fighting spirit was still in her before had now left, she was depleted, exhausted. She was defeated.

“Once again, you disturb my peace and try to kill me. Once again, you ended up defeated on the ground, crying, trying to grasp onto your life. And once again, I claim my prize, you know the rules of this game.”

As I started walking toward her, I said, “Isn’t it strange… how we forget what it feels like to learn the same painful lessons that we’ve already learned? Isn’t it peculiar how-”

With panic in her eyes, she screamed “BEHIND YOU!”

I laughed, “So, you’re resorting to this? Did you really think that I would fall for that?”

A hand lands on my shoulder, and I hear a strangely familiar voice.
“Hello, Andros…”

I turned to look. It was a strange, hooded, disfigured man, I couldn’t see his face but I know I had seen him somewhere before.
He took off the hood, revealing a face.
It was HIM.
The one who ought not be, the one man I wished I had put to an end when I had the chance. If he even was a man in the first place, as he was clearly not fully human.

“That was quite some duel, I witnessed the whole event. You have improved a lot since last time we met.
Do you still remember how we used to have duels like these? Doesn’t she remind you of the old you? The you that was before I arrived…”

I knew that if this turned into a fight I would stand no chance, especially not after my duel with her. I was starting to suspect that this might be the end of the line, but I would not give up with a fight to the hilt.

“What do you want? Have you come to challenge me?” I asked him.

He smiled, “That is a tempting offer, indeed… but that is not why I am here. And I don’t think you are in appropriate condition for fighting…”

I was relieved. I asked him, “Then why are you here? I thought we agreed that I would stay here and you would not come here.”

He smirked. “Oh yes, we did. But I have good reason to oppose this agreement.
I come here with a proposal, for both of you. I have a plan…”

‘In memorias res’ – A short story I made for an assignment in middle school

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


very nice, do you wish for us to add to it or will you continue your story? i am interested to see where this goes

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@tine, That’s the whole story, getting someone interested in seeing where it goes was the only point of it, so I guess it’s not that bad after all.
If you want to add to it, go ahead. As long as it stays dark and gritty, it probably fits.

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


very nice, you should continue it at some-point, even from the small clip of the story the story appears strong and radiates with potential

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@tine, But the magic is in the fact that it is incomplete, it starts of in the middle of something and ends before it’s over, this creates tension. If I gave you the beginning and the end, that magic would be gone, and you would see that it isn’t really a good story. The tension was all it had to offer.

Just like a typical club song, very little musical value, but lots and lots of tension keeps you wanting more.
Same goes for a lot of song lyrics, be it a romantic song or a “let’s fight” song, it starts right in the middle, “I feel this, I feel that. I want this and that. Maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that” but it never happens, does it?
Along comes yet another song with another scenario like it.

You don’t know where things are going, that’s what makes the whole thing. But it’s an illusion, the stories, songs, movies, etc. are very predictable, most of the time you’re already certain how it will end. But in the moment, there is still that tension, and even if you understand where things are going that part of you doesn’t.

It’s the same thing with art. A perfectly made portrait is just an attempt at a replica, it may look good, but it’s still just an imitation, and it’s not as good as the real thing.
But then there are those paintings who are almost there, but not quite, still kinda vague and diffuse, but you get the rough idea. It gets your mind going, and this stimulation is what makes it nice.

I’m not even a good writer, if I were to complete a story it still couldn’t compare to what’s already out there. And why make an inferior imitation, know what Im sayin?
I don’t even like writing fiction haha.

The story isn’t good, it’s all in the tension.

It’s like sex. Which of the following are more exciting?
A) “Wanna fuck?” “Sure!” Clothes come off, fucking ensues.
B) She’s been teasing and challenging you all day, you’re finally about to get some, she’s undressing, you’re making out, but she runs away giggling and hides somewhere, you find her, she gave you yet another challenge, you succed and you finally get to fucking her brains out…

That’s what I thought.
That’s because of tension and release. Like the drop in a song, the happy ending of a movie, the climax at the end of a love session, the gold in them thar hills… it’s only as sweet as the contrast coming from the release of tension.
You know there’s something good at the end, but you don’t know when you’ll get it, it keeps you on your toes.

It’s a bit scary actually, because people’s desires can be manipulated by simple teasing like this, things become more precious when they’re slightly out of reach.
Just like a boring string suddenly becomes interesting to a cat when you start moving it.
Just like the average stick the dog usually ignores becomes his life mission once it’s thrown.
Just like running away is a surefire way to lure out a shy wild (predatory) animal.

Anything can be made to grasp a person’s interest with the right methods, it’s all in the tease, building up the tension, and not giving it to them.

The higher the tension, the sweeter the release. The more you want something, the better it feels when you get it, that’s why foreplay was invented.
So people who want a lot of stimulation will get themselves excited about anything as long as it’s “shiny,” it’s a stepping stone to their desired stimulation.

Because after all, we choose to get ourselves so excited about things, just because we love the feeling of release. Things aren’t just striking our fancy for no reason, it’s our opportunistic minds seeing a chance to get off.
That’s why we get bored with things we can take for granted.

We love to struggle because overcoming struggle is the only way to feel release. We always find things to get bothered about, and if we don’t we create them.
But the more you see this, the more it goes away.

Alex Eastman (70) (@alex) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Spew of my thoughts for 5 minutes:
Relationships suck. I looked for a couple years for one, finally get one, now she wants to break up for unknown reasons. She agreed to another month or two to see if she develops any real feelings for me. (I was under the impression she would try to make it work, not reply with one word texts and avoid me)

plus, we’re moving! Again! 3rd time this has happened around christmas. I am becoming numb to this crap. Plus i’m one hell of a scrooge for christmas this year, haha.

I was at the zenith of my happy-wave, but apparently this is the down. Oh well, there will be another up as soon as this season passes. Hopefully college will be as awesome as my friend tells me it is!

I like potatoes. I had a baked potato for dinner. Why is this even on my mind?
I should probably check the fb message… *checks*
okay where was I… mom and her bf arguing. I love this song, *checks pandora* “Been Awhile” by Staind. Probably should title this spew of information as well.
Will anyone bother reading this? I doubt it. haha.
ooh, slipknot. Snuff is a good song. Text *checks it*

*SPOILER* the first two paragraphs are the only useful part!

Anonymous (53) (@) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Look, were you to create an attempt to strike a decent conversation with me, you have failed. For I, have not understood one single thing that you have tried typing in order to communicate. I, therefore, state, that you are one incoherent person, of which no one human is able to properly communicate with. I, on the other hand, have made complete and utter sense and sense only. I tried to explain to you again and again, that math is not a combination of radiacs NOR tea shots. And since, I am a mathematician, a wizard of numbers. I will bluntly state to you, that there is no such thing as being a victim of counterfeit.
I am rong and you are wright.
I mean, you are wright, no wrong.
Even if you were to be right, you will still not be more right than me not being wrong AT ALL.

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


He smirked. “Oh yes, we did. But I have good reason to oppose this agreement.
I come here with a proposal, for both of you. I have a plan…”

both sighed in relief, she for avoiding a cliff dive, he for avoiding the same fate, slowly they began to relax into the idea of a plan that did not include them testing their ability to fly.

he smirked again, “Good.. now that you are relaxed and see a future, know my plan… i was only kidding, of course i am here to kill you..”

and with a burst of an energy field, sent them both to their fate.

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

¡Esplendido! @tine

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago



–Hopefully college will be as awesome as my friend tells me it is!–

you will be experiencing a change like you cannot imagine when you go to college, you will no longer be confined to the darkness of other people, you will begin to blaze your own trail, forget the girl, ‘develop feelings’, man, you’re worth more than that,

you live in anderson, IN right? if so, i own a tanning salon in Kokomo, 3099 S Webster St. 46902, i’m there m-f 12-9, if you ever want someone to talk to

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


in regards to the girl,

Alex Eastman (70) (@alex) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Thanks Tine, I need a tan, so I may show up someday. haha.
And as far as the girl, I think things are working a little bit better now, I saw her yesterday and we seemed to be back to normal. Plus, there are other fish in the sea if not. I like her, but if it happens, it happens. :)

Phil (83) (@urbanuncia) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Z+ is nice and all, but I think the term is too great to have Z attached. How about a new letter to commemorate it?

Alex (141)M (@alexishungry) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Let’s keep the bad jokes coming.

What did the egg say to the boiling water?
It’ll take me a while to get hard I just got laid by some chick.

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


i’m open, what do you suggest?

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


nice, come in any time

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

A priest, a rabbi, and Spiderman were about to walk into a bar. The priest ran in.
That motherfucker ruined the whole joke.

Two forks were cruising among the clouds.
Suddenly one of them came crashing down.
Why? Because forks don’t fly.

Two horses were out flying on a sunny afternoon.
Then one of them crashlanded.
Why? She got a fork in her eye.

Why the long face?
Because of the fork in her eye.

A dog was flying around in a glass.

Two elks were flying around. One said to the other:
“Hey isn’t it strange that we’re all flying when we really can’t?”
The other responded: “Don’t worry, my father is a hotdog vendor.”

Once upon a time, there was another time.

“Watch out for that pitfall.”
“What pitfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

What do you call a joke between two interns?

A man ordered one meter of sausage from the butcher. The butcher replied that they don’t sell by the meter, only by the kilo. So the man ordered a kilometer.

“Hey waiter, this tastes like rabbit!”
“It is a rabbit.”
“But I ordered vegetarian.”
“Rabbits are vegetarians.”

Skeletor walks into a bar. He orders a beer and a towel.

All the ants in the ant hill were pissed off about the elephant that always ruined their anthill. So they all attacked him at once, but the elephant just shook them all off. All but one.
All the ants on the ground started shouting to him “Sleeper hold, Jeremy! Sleeper hold!”

“Can I please have your poop, if you don’t mind?”
“I don’t give a shit.”

I can’t for the life of me remember the colour of the queen’s white horse. I do, however, remember a fork stuck in her eye.
All the legs of this horse were exactly the same length, especially the left one.

Why did mrs Fsh leave mr Fish for mr Fisherman?
Bigger pole.

I named my cats One and Two, so that if One dies I still have Two.

Who sent you that anonymous love letter?

Right when I took a dump in that vent, that’s when the shit hit the fan.

What do you get if you do a handstand with a cat on your feet while someone is playing the banjo?
I have no idea.

Why did the elephant go to the ant’s funeral?
Because the ant was dead.
Why did the elephant wear a purple tie to the funeral?
Because the red one was in the laundry.

Why is that pop song sounding so wishy-washy?
Because RedOne was in the laundry.

A wheelchair bound man and his wife found a magical cave that could restore any one person to perfect condition. But only one of them. Since the man was in a wheelchair, they decided that he would be the one to enter the cave.
He rolled into the cave, then he came back out and said to his wife:
“Check out the rims on this bad boy! And look how fast it rolls.”

The stallion didn’t get lucky with the mares. They were all over some other stallion. One day he found out why. The other stallion was bringing them carrots and apples.
So the stallion yelled to the mares:

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Emma Royd. All the kids made fun of her, until one day she slit her wrists.

A hunter accidentally shot himself. His hunter friend called 911 and told them what happened, that his friend was dead. The lady on the other end of the line asked if he’d made sure that the man was really dead, and not just passed out from the pain. She heard a rifle shot, and the hunter said “Now I have.”

Those triplets in the submarine, what’s their names again?
Thor, Pedro, and Perry Scope.

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

I was gonna shoot some pool, but the queue was too long.

What’s the difference between a polar bear?
He’s whiter on the belly than on the weekend.

Want to hear a sick joke?

Why did Stephen Hawking try to play golf?
To reduce his handicap.

This show is a drag.
Yeah, that’s because it’s a dragshow.

Gus (1) (@sassysalamander) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

“if you think fuck is funny, fuck yourself and save your money.”
stall scriptures!!

Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago



Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


–Why the long face?
Because of the fork in her eye.–


Tine (366) (@tine) 5 years, 4 months ago ago


always the best wisdom

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