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hulklol (@hulklol)    2 years ago

Hey HEthens!
I got interested in reading Paulo Coelho and found a book at my house. “Manual of the warrior of the light”. I have almost finished it, it is a really amazing book, really inspiring.
So my question was, have you ever read Paulo Coelho? What are your favorites books by him?

Peace & Love

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Kevin (@placid)2 years ago ago

The Alchemist.

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luigi (@luigiblue)2 years ago ago

The Alchemist was one of the first books I read in its entirety in one sitting. Great book.

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Petiolaris (@hydrangea1)2 years ago ago

loved Aleph

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jellena (@jellenafoxx)2 years ago ago

The Alchemist is my favorite, definitely a must read.
I also loved 11 minutes and Brida. Aleph is good too, although not in my top fave from Coelho.
Anyways, I highly recommend the Alchemist, that’s his most popular book and by reading it you can tell what kind of author Coelho is.

Avatar of hulklol
hulklol (@hulklol)2 years ago ago

Awesome, the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is now in my must-read-books, any other recommendations?

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yoinkie (@yoinkie)2 years ago ago

Veronika decides to die” is among his best work, definetely a must read. “Down by the river i sat and wept” had me thinking for days after reading it. 11 minutes is also pure gold.

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creds (@creds)2 years ago ago

Alchemist is absolutely a must-read.

Coelho I think maybe the older the book, the better. I think his newest books are only good because of the Coelho-brand his name has, not the book itself. He’s getting too capitalistic in my opinion.

Avatar of Irene En Route

I’ve read 5 so far, this is my top 5:
1. Brida
2. Alchemist
3. Witch of portobello
4. Valkyries
5. Aleph

All his books are on my list :-)