Your stance on capitalism.

3 years ago

I am taking a philosophy class in school right now. I have learned that almost anyway you look at it, capitalism is immoral.

Utilitarians will see that the majority are not benefited by capitalism, therefore it is immoral.

Deontologists will agree capitalism cannot be universalized because it treats people as means to an end rather than means in themselves.

Virtue Ethics would say that it is virtuous to not have wealth, and not be poor. Possibly an argument for capitalism, but only if you are not planning to be rich someday.

These are not the only forms of philosophy, but they are among the most used.

I think it is fair to look at what an economic system says about the people who participate in it. What does capitalism say? One is an individual separate from a group, and one must follow the rules of the market.

Deepak Chopra tells us to ask ourselves, How can we serve? This is a wonderful reflection of self. The problem is: one should not have to consult an economic system when answering.

Capitalism exploits workers, alienates workers, and only benefits the few.

Why do we use it?

February 10, 2012 at 6:41 pm

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I disagree with you. I mean, “capitalism is like the lottery”? Some people get lucky, most other people make their own choices. Most people who are successful worked their asses off to acquire the knowledge necessary to create something people value. These people use their brains over their brawn.

Those people in the streets? Most are drug addicts…most dropped out of high school by their own choices. OF course there are exceptions to poverty…but if every poor person got a handout…what incentive would their be to work at all? I would be okay with that…I never would have to work at all…yet food, shelter clothing and health care would be at my doorstep. Hell yea.

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