What If Humans Disappeared?

Makes you think about what the future holds.

The Imaginary Foundation

"Because we can imagine, we are free."

Ayla Nereo – Eastern Sun

"Name Your Price" at http://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com

A Cyberdelic History of the Future

how tomorrow's innovations will transform the way we live

MDMA Recovery Smoothie (serotonin smoothie)

MDMA leaves you feeling sad, fix that with this smoothie.

Fighting The Sabre Tooth Tiger

The stakes aren't as high as before. What's your excuse?

Bill & Melinda Gates: Our Big Bet

express with less words, not a problem :)

Ayahuasca & The Brain

The Jungle Prescription: Ayahuasca:

What we can do in 15 years.

Bill Gates quoting Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Thumbed up my Mark Zuckerburg.

Oldest Native American drumming video ever

Rare and old footage of Native American drumming from 1894

Altered States to Altered Traits Hacking Flow

Easy to get in flow, hard to stay in there. Solution?

How to break muscular tension in your core

http://instagram.com/being_scott_embry http://instagram.com/eye_origins

Share your muscial work here (:

Here's a mashup I did and I hope you like it (:

Opia: The Ambiguous Intensity of Eye Contact

The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye