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Garrett’s Fight ESPN

One of the wonders and powers of sport is the inclusion. We’ve often seen stories of special needs athletes who participate in games, and enjoy moments of belonging, of connection, of triumph....

How your religion appears to non-believers

By “your religion” I mean dogmatic monotheistic religion like Christianity and Islam. This does not apply to other, more liberal and inclusive beliefs. The background images are photos...

Joe Rogan Experience #498 – Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website,, as well as links to his latest venture, Onnit Labs.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Inspiration at its best Higher quality video available for viewing/downloading here:

Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed Youtube: This video is presented under the fair use provision for educational purposes only and does not infringe on any copyrights. Made by: Farhan, Adnan, Faraaz, and Jabbran....


Ill Mind Of hopsin 5 https://www.twittercom/hopsin Hit the dudes up below for some dope videos....

Steve Jobs Secrets to Success

Alright fixed some issues all good now, enjoy some motivation! :D Song is Aqua Vitae by Future World Music

Try The McGurk Effect! – Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? – BBC Two

More about this programme: The McGurk effect is a compelling demonstration of how we all use visual speech information. The effect shows that we can’t...

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement

J.K.Rowling at Harvard Commencement.

The Path of The Sun Kickstarter Video Project

The Path of The Sun is a feature length documentary film about shamanism, ancient knowledge and sacred plants. A Kickstarter project has been launched to fund the completion of the film.

The Northern Lights- Slow Burn (promo)

Single “Slow Burn” from The Northern Lights’ Debut Album “A Journey Through Your Mind’s Eye” Album drops February 2nd follow us at:...

Fibonacci’s Fractals

I made this video because most of the sacred geometry videos on youtube are inadequate. They don’t show much depth of understanding in applications. So I’ve tried to rectify that. The...

Mike Love – LIVE Island 98.5 VIP Music Hall 2013 Honolulu, Hawai’i, KDNN

Mike Love – LIVE Island 98.5 VIP Music Hall 2013 Honolulu, Hawai’i, KDNN

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO)

Thanks to tobacco industry regulations and marketing restrictions in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically.

Huun-Huur-Tu – Live

Huun-Huur-Tu at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California November 18, 2008 You can buy the CDs of Huun-Huur-Tu @


Can you use your PEE to START A FIRE? You’ll know after you SEE THIS! If you like survival and fire-making techniques, this video is a MUST SEE! WARNING: This project...