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Third Ear Audio – Final Front Ear (HD)

Album: Third Ear Audio (2009) To artists/labels: Uploads are for promotional purposes! If you wish your copyrighted material to be removed, send me a PM and it shall be done! Original channel:...

One – Creed (Lyrics on Screen)

One lyrics by Creed, this is my 2nd lyrics video for creed.. i love this band…i hope you enjoy this video,rate,comment and sub thank you =D **I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING** **ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO...

Listen..This Will Change Your Life

Change Your Life .. Please like, share, subscribe & comment! Earl Nightingale Conant The Strangest Secret 1956 1950’s Recording Self...

Insights of Ascension – Spirit Science Lesson 14

Uploaded by thirdeyevi3w on 2012-11-22.

C.G. Jung – The World Within

C.G. Jung In His Own Words – The World Within

Inner Guidance – Abraham Hicks

Extracted from the special subject workshop. This and many more can be found at i do not own any of the content in this video. ~Like!...

If I should have a daughter …

Sarah Kay is a phenomenal spoken word poet. Watch this mesmerising, awe inspiring performance.

Trailer 2015 – R´ha

Attention: This is currently in development to become a feature film. Check this for more information:

Altered States to Altered Traits Hacking Flow

Easy to get in flow, hard to stay in there. Solution?

The Great Dictator (1940) – Charlie Chaplin – Final Speech – Music – Hans Zimmer – Time – Subtitles

The Great Dictator (1940) – Charlie Chaplin – Final Speech An inspiring speech from an often unheard voice. How true its message is today as it was...

A Day in the Life of Productivity Expert Tim Ferriss

Best selling author and human guinea pig Tim Ferriss, takes us through his day in a revealing short documentary.

Nature Portals Artwork and Icaro

Nature Portals ARTWORK & Icaro Artwork: Tina Vrankar Music: Kestenbetsa – Guillermo Arevalo – D autres mondes – Other Worlds I will open your thoughts. By doing so i will fill...

SOLUTIONISM – A Design Documentary

Selection of The 2013 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner Selection of A Design Film Festival Singapore 2013 Selection of the 13th Annual Emerson Film Festival Awarded the Marcia Robbins Wolf Women...

Susan Cain: The power of introverts In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk,...


13love..its not mixed or mastered. enjoy the natural sound