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I still have a soul (HBO Boxing)

Depression is a disease of civilization: Stephen Ilardi at TEDxEmory

Dr. Stephen Ilardi posits that the widespread depression in the 21st century can be attributed to modern society and culture.

40 Years of Complete Isolation (Part 1/4)

Since 1965, Faustino Barrientos has lived alone on the shores lake O’Higgins’ in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessel. He’s a pastoralist, living mostly off...

Being a “Black Sheep” is Bullshit

If everyone is a black sheep, which you could argue, doesn't that mean nobody is?

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein – A Short Film

Directed by Ian MacKenzie Produced by Velcrow Ripper, Gregg Hill, Ian MacKenzie READ THE BOOK HELP ADD SUBTITLES Sacred...

The Party Starts at Now

Plant Based Poetry 3 Outside, feeling inspired, feeling good.

2045: A New Era for Humanity In February of 2012 the first Global Future 2045 Congress was held in Moscow. There, over 50 world leading scientists from multiple disciplines met to develop a...

The 30 Day Challenge – How To Change Your Life In 30 Days – Find out how to change any area of your life in 30 days by committing to The 30 Day Challenge....

How the Oslo terrorist attacks opened my heart and mind: Iffit Qureshi at TEDxOslo 2013

Iffit Qureshi studied Social Anthropology and has many years of experience working with issues related to multiculturalism and integration. She has written extensively in the Norwegian media on issues...

Sam Harris- Human Values

"Values reduce to facts about the well-being of conscious creatures."-Sam Harris


Video for “A THOUGHT” the first single off Genesis the GreyKid’s debut project w/ Creative Control entitled “Grey Matter” releasing soon. Track was Produced by Creative...

Terence Mckenna – Everything you need to know about DMT (rapdancing into the 3rd millenium)

Mckenna takes you on a fun exposition into his views on DMT. In this amazingly engaging and well explained lecture Mckenna covers everything you will likely need to know about DMT.

SoulPancake: Chatterbox – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

When you’re a kid, you can connect with almost anybody. But as you get older, friendships can be harder to find. SoulPancake built a fun space on a busy street corner where people could take a...

Off the Air – “Space” [adult swim]

You know the deal. I do not own any of this content. The content belongs to each individual creator. I just wanted to try and share this with as many people as I could.

Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels

The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice .

Trevor Hall, Nahko, Dustin Thomas, & Cas Haley Inspired

Went and saw Trevor Hall, Nahko Bear, Dustin Thomas and Cas Haley perform at the Bluebird Theatre here in Denver this past weekend 12/6/13 & 12/7/13 As usual their music left me pondering my very...