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[ Charles Eisenstein // Living Without Economic Growth ]

For more: and Charles Eisenstein frames an adaptive approach to lower rates of economic growth across the planet. As...

The Three Brains that Allow Us to Go from Thinking to Doing to Being: Joe Dispenza at TEDxTacoma

Joe Dispenza, D.C. has lectured in 24 countries on six continents, educating people about the role and function of the human brain. He has taught thousands of people how to reprogram their thinking...

Rome Cee – Illusions Of Love(87 Conceptions)

87 Conceptions brings Rome Cee’s Illusion of Love. The dramatic production, directed and edited by Kirby Griffin and Shot by cinemaphotograher, Jay Mastermind stars Kirby “Pascal”...

Heidegger Explained In Twelve Minutes!

This video is a fantastic introduction to the thought of Martin Heidegger.

Headache Treatment Soothing and Natural

This recording uses binaural beats which affect our brainwaves directly. Brainwave Music should not be listened to while driving or operating any kind of machinery or if your epileptic or prone to...

Jesse Boykins III – The Perfect Blues (Official Video 2012)

taken from their forthcoming album “Zulu Guru” (release date: Oct 15) Label: Love Da Records / License from Ninja Tune

Alan Watts – Death

The speaker of this highly enlightening video on death is Alan Watts (1915 – 1973). A philosopher specialising in the Ancient teachings of the Far East, Dr Watts was instrumental in introducing...

Why Fight? – Alan Watts

A thought provoking 4 minutes on the true nature of war and fundamental question of why we fight, by the late Alan Watts. WARNING: This video contains distressing images, viewer discretion is advised....

Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world?

A post-apocalyptic Earth, emptied of humans, seems like the stuff of science fiction TV and movies. But in the 21st century, it's a real possibility.

Invention Factory: How Will Robots Evolve?

In this episode of Invention Factory, we explore the evolution of robotics.


This video was created by @Jason_Silva and shot and edited with my friends at Bravo Media, and is non-commercial and for educational and inspirational purposes only. Full credits and clip attributions...

Alan Watts: Buddhism and Science (1960)

Eastern Wisdom & Modern Life

Joe Rogan & Duncan Trussell – Floating in Infinity

Interesting perspective coming from two knowledgeable guys!

Atomic Strings

A trance like improvisation – just picked up the guitar and decided to play and hopefully get in the vibe and emotion of what came to my fingers – drew upon my Pink Floydian/David Gilmour...