Superhuman intelligence through magnetic stimulation

Using transcranial magnetic stimulation to stimulate certain areas of the brain and suppress others, temporarily turns one into a savant. Test subjects score three times better on math and problem...


Death & The Afterlife | (2013) Abraham Hicks

Death & The Afterlife | (2013) Abraham Hicks Short excerpt from Abraham Hicks N. LA 3hr Live Broadcast 01.26.13



Living The Secret The Secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day. Living The Secret offers tools and ideas to help you live The Secret and create the life...


Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Death By Giant Meteor

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/02/19/Neil_DeGrasse_Tyson_Death_by_Black_Hole Celebrity astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson discusses Apophis, a large asteroid forecast to pass dangerously close...


JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment

Aubrey Marcus goes for Iboga Treatment and talks about it all on the Joe Rogan Experience (03-13-12). He recount the mind-blowing Iboga journey guided by a 10th generation Bwiti Shaman at the Iboga...


Ken Wilber – Ayahuasca Part 2.wmv

Ken Wilber talks about Ayahuasca – Part 2 of 2. From Integral Life Practice Q&A–August, 2005 All credits to Ken Wilber, Integral Naked, Integral Institute. This video is for...


Helical Motion & Planetary Orbits Everything you know is wrong...

in this video I try to demonstrate helical motion as opposed to the standard model of the solar system. Dr. Keshava Bhat Solar System a Dynamic Process...


BBC Question Time 20/06/2013

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from London. On the panel are Ed Davey MP, secretary of state for energy and climate change; Dame Tessa Jowell MP, Labour’s former minister for the...


Intelligence DID Guide Human Evolution.

Credit where credit is due. WE did it. WE built the hospitals. WE care for each other. WE make the machines. WE erase diseases. WE figured out how we got here. WE have the lightning in our pocket.


Live in the Grey

Our friend, Maneesh K. Goyal, of famed experiential design firm MKG, came to us with a vision of his new community and resource called Live in the Grey. It is a website to help people blend their work...


Astral Quest – Sevan Bomar – Monkeys Are Really People...

http://www.astralquest.com http://www.resistance2010.com http://www.monkeysarereallypeople.com/


Penn & Teller: Bullshit – Season 2 – Ep 20: Yoga,...

Offers criticism on numerous activities in the New Age movement, including: yoga, tantric sex, cartomancy, medicinal herbs, and vortices (especially the Sedona Vortices).


Guidance On Career | (2013) Abraham Hicks

Guidance On Career | (2013) Abraham Hicks excerpt from the 01.26.13 North LA 3hr Live Broadcast


Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary]

Do you wanna know in advance the winners of this weekend’s UFC card? Check out http://mmabettingpick.com/ where a scientific approach is used to pick the winner (up to 70%+ accuracy!!!). About...


The Runners

A short film by Matan Rochlitz & Ivo Gormley Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes. Liberated from...


Derren Brown and Alain de Botton: On Magic and Happiness

Derren Brown visits The School of Life and discusses magic, happiness and the psychology of religion with Alain de Botton.


Law of Attraction: What Story Are You Telling The Universe? Abraham...

Inspirational Speaker Abraham Hicks Whats the Story your telling? What were your emotions and thoughts today? What were they 20mins ago? Do you even remember? Did you even notice? You are constantly...


A Zeer Pot – Off Grid Refrigeration

A Zeer Pot is an ancient device used to cool things. It was invented by the Egyptians about 2500 years before Christ was born. It works on the principle of evaporative cooling. It’s still in use...