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Terence McKenna – Open Doors (REVOLUTIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS series)

The ‘REVOLUTION’ may not be ‘TELEVISED’ – but if ‘YOU SEARXCH’ you will ‘SEE’ it on ‘YOUTUBE’ – use it before they ‘PULL...

Intelligent Design is Stupid: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson describes the absuridity of “intelligent design”. Sorry folks, the universe was not designed for us. Accept it, we’re nothing special.

Magic Mushroom Trip Simulation (Small Dose)

For those of you who havnt tried shrooms but wanna have little backround


This motionpoem was created by Emma Burghardt. Music composed and performed by Debra Barsha and Daisy. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Reality is an Illusion

Qunatumn Physics is confirming what the sages,Yogis and Seers and Metaphysicians have been saying for over a millenia. Reality is an illusion, a projection from our collective being. Fred Allen Wolf,...

Inspiration Everywhere- Spray Paint Artist

This is my favorite video, because it is what I love about life. It’s what I crave daily. Inspiration can be found anywhere, I find it everytime I see some one getting lost in their...

Virtual Cleanse – Day 1 – Introduction

The Holographic Universe 2 of 2

The secret beyond matter A must-watch (apart from the Allah bit at the end) “. . . there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it. . . are also only ghostly images, projections...

A great equality speech

Haile Selassie, The First.

Nahko Bear — Medicine for the People

AWESOME!! re-uploaded.. Artist: Nahko Bear Song: Aloha Ke Akua Oregon-native Nahko, born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures, adopted into an american family, suffered an identity...

Alan Moore Magick Art and Shamanism

Alan Moore talks about becoming a magician, what Magick is, how it relates to Art, Shamanism, Culture, Spelling, and Grammar. Except form the Mindscape of Alan Moore, all rights reserved. It’s...

Glass Animals – Pools

Pools by Glass Animals

[ Charles Eisenstein // Living Without Economic Growth ]

For more: and Charles Eisenstein frames an adaptive approach to lower rates of economic growth across the planet. As...

All The Way – a Charles Bukowski poem

From the poem 'Roll the Dice' by Charles Bukowski