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Blu & Exile – A Man (MAYBE ONE DAY EP )

Blu & Exile is back with their new EP, Maybe One Day, Support the artists and download from itunes its worth it . You can cop Maybe...

David Icke – We think we are Humans.

David Icke 2011 – So who do we think we are? Feat. Bill Hicks, Terence Mckenna, David Lynch, John Hagelin Ph.D


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After Life: The Science Of Decay (BBC Documentary)

Please Subscribe To The Evolution Documentary YouTube Channel: Broadcast (2011) If you have ever wondered what would happen in your own home if you were...

Woody Allen about meaning and truth of life on Earth

My favorite filmmaker Woody Allen on the meaning of life.

Fear is not reality

Fear is not reality, it’s in the mind as imagination or as memory but is not real originally from:

Emirates Mars Mission Unveiled – Woosh!

Uploaded by Mohammed Bin Rashid

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate | Subtitles in 18 languages

Join us | Philip Wollen addresses the St James Ethics and the Wheeler Centre debate – tell us in the comments what you think.

Philosophy: Waking Life

Το Waking Life αποτελεί μια μοναδική κινηματογραφική εξερεύνηση στο βασίλειο των ονείρων και της φιλοσοφίας που...

Speech that got Judge Napolitano Fired

A sad event in the Freedom of Speech, (Alex Jones Radio Show 02/21/2012) Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke out about real issues & views and got canned by Fox Business. Judge Napolitano is an awesome...

Everything happens in your head

English, Croatian, Italian and Polish subtitles (cc button). Satsang with Mooji, 26th July 2009 (session 1), London: “You wake up from the dream everyday. But You have to wake up even from a...

The Gratitude List Keeps you in The Present

Something that I struggle with is staying in the present moment. After watching one of Mike Slavin’s latest videos I realized that when I make very specific gratitude lists I am able to stay in...

What if God got bored – Alan Watts (Remastered)

What if this reality is a dream and when we die we wake up? *This is a remaster of my previous video (Is This Life a Dream) due to several complaints that the music was too loud. I hope you enjoy this...

The Impulse Series – Banquet

In this episode of “The Impulse Series” Jake McCollum gives examples from his own life that have shaped him into the man he is today, and how every move you make changes you in some way.

5 tips to avoid Awkward Conversations

Week 5 *5 tips to avoid awkward conversation. We have all been victims to awkward conversations, here are some tips to avoid them. ^^^^^ FOR MORE CONTENT SUBSCRIBE ^^^^^ ADD US ON OUR PAGE & ADD...

9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe

We discuss the meaning of life, free will, alternate universes, and alien lifeforms. Follow me on Twitter @ziasami or tumblr ( or my site