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Alain de Botton: Religion for Atheists

Religion: not just for believers anymore. Philosopher and author Alain de Botton says non-believers can learn a lot from religion – without believing in God. He sits down with Steve Paikin.

AIB: It’s Your Fault

Spread the message on Facebook: Spread the message on Twitter: Check us out at: Every sexual assault case in India...

Lucid dreaming: Tim Post at TEDxTwenteU

While we are mostly unaware of our nightly dreams while we dream, Tim Post has trained countless individuals around the world to attain dream awareness in dreams. Remarkably, “lucid”...


Hows your imagination doing? Music Rena Jones Helix Converted to 528hz. Audio Commentary Thanks to Sevan Bomaer.

Alan Watts – Inception

Alan Watts explains Inception.

My First Experience in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

This was one of the coolest experiences I've had in a long was almost like I was Gamesharking Meditation...

Are Psychedelic Drugs GOOD For You? (Kirby + Aldous Huxley)

Press "play" to see classic video games teach us the truth about taking psychedelic drugs.

Alan Watts discusses Nothing

Alan Watts discussing the state of nothingness __download the audio file at the link below__ MY MUSIC:...

Calling The Others – Anilah

Piece intended as a meditation for soul ignition, third eye and heart activation, through metaphysical interpretation.

Direct Orders.

Anis Mojgani: Direct Orders

Ji Ben Qi Gong 基本氣功 (Fundamental Exercises)

Many people who bought my recent book: ‘Daoist Nei Gong – Philosophical Art of Change’ have contacted me asking for a video of the exercises from the book. These are some very basic...

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Here’s the thing that makes life so interesting. The theory of evolution claims that “only the strong shall survive”. Maybe so, maybe so. But the theory of competition says,...

Akua Naru “The Block”

Akua Naru is back on the block. And in this “live & aflame” session backed the DigFlo band and singer Drea D’Nur, Akua shows the world why she is an okayplayer-to-watch,...

Carl Jung – The Self

The Self in Jungian psychology is one of the Jungian archetypes, signifying the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person, and representing the psyche as a whole. The Self,...

Ellie describes astral projection

Ellie, age seven, being interviewed after her astral projection practice.