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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Unrealistic Beauty Ideals

Beyond Thought (Awareness Itself)

In a world full of constant change, we are always aware of what’s going on and what we think about it. This gives us a sense of who we are related to what we are aware of. This documentary...

Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice When film critic Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw to cancer, he lost the ability to eat and speak. But he did not lose his voice. In a moving talk from TED2011, Ebert and his wife,...

Too deep?

Just speaking while driving.

The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained

Why first past the post is a terrible voting system.

Alan Watts – What Do You Desire?

Here’s a link to a repost with quieter music Music: “Divenire” by Ludovico Einaudi “Alone In The Dark” by Vadim Kiselev

Shane Koyczan, “The Crickets Have Arthritis,” Words Aloud 2007, Canada

Shane Koyczan performs at the Words Aloud 4 Spoken Word Festival in Durham, Ontario, Canada, November 2007. DVDs of Words Aloud performances and interviews available at Check out...

Alan Watts – A Game That’s Worth The Candle

“Out Of Your Mind” Lecture on “The Nature of Consciousness” The Alan Watts Story While many in the 60′s played the stock market and paid their mortgages, Alan Watts lived...

We Are All One | Abraham Hicks

We Are All One | Abraham Hicks

Common Market – Connect For

Noticed this track wasn’t up on youtube so here it is. “Connect For” by Common Market. I messed up the video editing, it’s just silence after the song finishes, but the songs...

Pimp Your Ride

If you are not happy with your body do something about it! Don’t kid yourself about not caring about the things you put into your body and the things that you do with your body! You have to...

Acting on Excitement – Bashar 2012

Bashar taken from from los angeles 2012 i do not own any of the content in this video

Rebelution – Good Vibes (Feat. Lutan Fyah)

I'm thinking this should be HE"s theme song? :)


Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world.

A Patient Speaks: Magic Mushrooms & Cancer

Psilocybin can help people who suffer from end of life anxiety

The Morpho Butterfly will make you reconsider color

What does it mean to be blue? The wings of a Morpho butterfly are some of the most brilliant structures in nature.