Paradise or Oblivion

Paradise or Oblivion This video presentation advocates a new socio-economic system, which is updated to present-day knowledge, featuring the life-long work of Social Engineer, Futurist, Inventor and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco, which he calls a Resource-Based Economy. This documentary details the root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms caused by our current established system.

  • MonkeyZazu (1,852)M May 1, 2013


    Thank you for sharing this video. If you don’t mind, I am going to share it with more people on this site, but I will credit you as the original poster or sharer of this video.

    This video is very inspirational. I have often thought of a world where money was irrelevant and people work towards things that really matter or they really want.

    This video reminds me of words from a picture I saw once. I don’t know who they come from, so I don’t know who is to credit for this, but it goes like: Go to work, Get married, Have some kids, Pay your taxes, Pay your bills, Watch your TV, Follow Fashion, Act Normal, Obey the Law and repeat after me: I am free.

    Those words have been posted on other sites. Most people say that they rather live in a world like that instead of a world of choas without order where there are no laws. People like that are thinking in a 2 sided perspective. It isn’t a world like that or a world of chaos, many more possiblities exist and this venus project is one of them. Best one I have seen so far!

    In life, when I system is created that doesn’t work you can do 1 of 2 things: Try to improve the current system or create a new one. I think we have been trying to improve the way this system is for a long time, but it just isn’t working. So now its time to create a new one that will have more benefits and be more efficient than this system.

    Once again, thank you for sharing this!

    • Jae (44) May 1, 2013

      For sure dude, I don’t care about being known as the first to post it or whatever. Someone shared it with me and I shared it with others, hoping they continue the pattern ^_^