7-Day Anxiety Melting Stoic Meditation

The 7 Day Anxiety Melting Stoic Meditation Course

Spend a week uprooting the source of your worry and doubt with 7 potent audio recordings that will shower your soul in tranquility and clarity.

Normally $200. Today just $27.

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Here’s What’s Inside Your 7-Day Journey:

Day 1

– What If  Technique To Uncover The Source of Your Anxiety
  • The first meditation will help you bring into light the source of your anxiety as you improve your ability to see  the irrational thoughts contributing to the anxious pattern.
Day 2

– Maxim Creation To Cut Through The Chaos and Return To Peace

  • The second meditation will arm you with a unique tool specific to your situation that you can use in real time when the worry and doubt flares up so you can more easily weather the storm.
Day 3

– Mindfulness of Sensations To Shift Anxiety From Enemy To Ally

  • The third meditation will help you cultivate the skill of observing your feelings without judgment to resolve emotional negative feedback loops and reduce the intensity of the anxiety.
Day 4

– View From Above To Gain Perspective and Reframe The Narrative

  • The fourth meditation will help reframe despair and hopelessness by placing our anxiety in a broader context creating a pathway for greater peace.
Day 5

– Premeditation of Adversity To Build Resilience and Heal Anxiety

  • The fifth meditation will guide you through a visualization exercise to confront your anxiety in a safe space so it begins to lose its hold on you as you generate the confidence to face it in reality
Day 6

– The Amor Fati Formula For Deep Acceptance of What Is

  • The sixth meditation will keep you from arguing with reality and begin generating love for your circumstances  thus empowering you to make changes from grounded reverence rather than resistance.

Day 7 – The Final Contemplation To Annihilate Core Fears

  • The seventh meditation shifts denial of death into a recognition of its beautiful naturalness to inspire a more vibrant appreciation of life while silencing core fears.

Designed To Actually Get You Results

  • Don’t just read and forget. This experience is designed to help you apply 7 powerful stoic techniques for resolving anxiety to your daily life. If it doesn’t help you, we’ll give you a full refund.

Full refund if you are unsatisfied for 30 days.

You can’t lose with this 7-day experience!

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Timing Remaining To Claim This Deal

Marcus Aurelius

“Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions—not outside.”

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