How To Become A HighExistence Affiliate

Step 1:

Sign up here:

Step 2:

Wait until you have been approved as an affiliate.

Step 3:

Once approved, log in at

Step 4:

Click on your affiliate offer to find your affiliate link. You will get 20% of the revenue of any HighExistence product you sell through your referral link.


Step 5 (optional):


Enter a unique tag into “Add Affiliate Source” form and press the “+” sign to create a unique tracking link. This feature is helpful if you want to monitor the conversions of links in different places on your site.

Step 6:

Copy your unique affiliate URL and share this with your audience.


Step 7:


Here, you’ll find everything you need to sell 30 Challenges to Enlightenment, like high-converting example emails, creatives, and promotional videos.


Send us an e-mail at affiliate[at]highexistence[dot]com if you have any questions and we are more than happy to assist you


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