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Cultivate Emotional Resilience, Accelerate Your Learning, and Build Empowering Habits

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Who Would You Be If Fear No Longer Held You Back?

The Stoic Quest: Embark on An Epic Adventure To Unleash The Hero Within

Cultivate Emotional Resilience For Uncertain Times  Using TheseAncient Stoic Techniques

8 Video Workshops To Apply Stoic Principles For Building Confidence, Reducing Anxiety, and Finding Peace of Mind


Stoic Blueprint: The Ancient Operating System For Self Mastery

Understand Stoicism as an ancient blueprint for inner peace, virtue and self mastery and map your coordinates for the journey ahead.


Time Heist: Reclaiming The Gifts From Your Past

Unearth parts of your past that are still draining your energy and transform them into empowering moments important in cultivating who you are today.


Wise Roots: A Framework For Attaining Unwavering Tranquility

Learn Stoic practices for remaining centered and calm even in the face of challenging situations. Return to grounded clarity even if you lose your way.


Soul Armor: Harnessing Discomfort To Forge Your Character

With the principle of voluntary discomfort, we will use your fears to bolster your courage and increase resilience.


Ego Nuke: Practices For Cultivating Social Invincibility

Become bulletproof in social situations even when in large chaotic groups. Learn to defang rejection so you can act with more inspiration and less inhibition.


Hero Mode: Unorthodox Strategies To Overcome Anxiety

Learn the counterintuitive yet massively effective approaches to releasing anxiety so you can feel more ease and grace in your day-to-day routines.


Ancient Hustle: Strategies For Superhuman Discipline

See procrastination in its true colors and become a master of your own resistance. Here we will empower you to get more done with less friction.


Stoic Life: Embodying The Ancient Blueprint

Putting it all together so that you integrate grounded tranquility into your life more deeply with each passing day.


Get Exclusive Access To This Bundle of Stoicism Bonuses

BONUS #1($200 VALUE)
The 7 Day Anxiety Melting Stoic Meditation Course

Spend a week uprooting the source of your worry and doubt with 7 potent audio recordings that will shower your soul in tranquility and clarity.

BONUS #2($375 VALUE)
Heroic Stoic Bootcamp: A High-Intensity 72 Hour Personal Growth Sprint

Get free access to this first-of-its-kind live online endurance challenge that will force you to make massive progress over the course of just 3 days.

Bonus #3($275 VAlue)
Stoic Daily Blueprint: The Habits and Rituals For Living a Heroic Existence

These step-by-step action plans integrate the best practices of Stoicism into your morning, evening, and work routines so you can become clear-headed and joyfully productive.

Bonus #4($75 VAlue)
The Digital Stoic: 11 Apps To Declutter Your Tech Life and Increase Your Attention Span

This list of software tools will help you delete the noise of the modern world and create more space for laser focus and deep appreciation.

Bonus #5($50 Value)
Sunrise+Sunset Meditations To Start and Finish Each Day With Peaceful Gratitude

How we begin and end our days have a huge impact on our quality of life. Do it right with this meditation combo to kickstart your morning with excitement and end your night with deep satisfaction.

Bonus #6($125 VAlue)
Sage Journaling: 15 Illusion Shattering Questions To Unshackle Your Mind

Sink your psyche into these epiphany inducing writing prompts that will activate a cascading river of insight to unearth your hidden gifts and refresh your perspective.

Learn Faster, sharPen Your thinking aNd become Hyper-adaptable in an ever-changing world

The Accelerated Learning Experience

The 5-Phase Learning  Formula

Absorb this cutting edge learning process through a series of fast-paced HD video lessons paired with reflection questions to make the teachings stick and audio tracks to gain a deeper perspective.


Course Introduction

A primer to set you up for success. You’ll learn some uncommon metaphors and useful scientific theories to learn more in less time by building stronger neural connections.


The Approach To Learning

Outlining the course’s philosophical approach to learning based on social brain theory while unpacking scientific models to 10X your learning retention.


The Approach To Habit Change

Harness the Iceberg Model of Behavior Change to create positive habit formation without having to rely on self-discipline or willpower.


Theories & Recommendations

The 5 scientific theories that undergird the accelerated learning principles you will apply throughout the course that will lead to the cultivation of an integrated, holistic mind.


Overview of The Formula

An overview of the 5-phase process that makes up the learning journey ahead. The framework outlines the key stages of learning so you can make significant progress in a short amount of time.


Step 1 – Perception

Increase your understanding of what shapes your beliefs so you can transform self-sabotaging perceptions (like imposter syndrome) and replace them with more empowering perspectives.


Step 2 – Patterning

Discover how to harnessing what you’ve learned in the past to empower your learning in the present by lightening the cognitive load through pattern recognition.


Step 3 – Deep Processing

The “meat & potatoes” of the learning stages, deep processing gives you a playbook for arriving at meaningful understanding of a subject and thus moving you way beyond simple repetition and regurgitation.


Step 4 – Rehearsal

Leverage the 3 factors of rehearsal to practice new skills most effectively by strengthening your working memory using the “Popcorn & Spaghetti” distinction.


Step 5 – Feedback

The critical ingredient to rapid improvement with laser-targeted feedback. Learn the science and strategies for soliciting and receiving effective feedback so you can dramatically accelerate the acquisition of new skills.


Subtleties of The Sequence

Unpack 5 subtleties that will debunk common myths and help you apply the 5-phase process to anything you’re trying to learn.


Rapid Learning Bonus Bundle

Scroll below to check out the hand-picked bonus bundle designed to enhance your Accelerated Learning Experience.

Rapid Learning Bonus Bundle

Learning Deep Dives

Watch walk-throughs of how to apply this 5-phase process to language learning, academia, music, drawing and more.

Memory Craft

A complete 21 video course with step-by-step instructions for dramatically improving your memory using a set of powerful techniques.

4 Foundations

Of Brain Health

The PDF guide to building the highest leverage habits for healthy brain functioning to accelerate your learning even further.

Mood Boost


These meditations use science of heart rate variability to enhance your mood while also improving cognitive functioning.

Build Empowering Habits and Sacred Rituals

30 Challenges To Enlightenment

30 Life-Changing Experiments Detailed in a Wisdom-Packed 290 page eBook with a companion digital challenge map to track your daily progress.

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Access To All 3 Programs Would Typically Cost Over $1400 But Today You Can Save More Than 70%We’re living in increasingly uncertain times but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the unknown. Harnessing the core skills of emotional resilience through stoicism, adaptability through accelerated learning, and consistency through empowering habits… You can seize newfound opportunities and access more joy, calm, and peace of mind.You won’t be able to get access to a deal like this again and once the sale window has ended we’ll be closing the doors to these programs. Ready to take advantage of this 70% off deal?

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Black Friday Bundle

Save over $1000



  • The Stoic Quest
  • Stoicism Bonus Bundle
  • Accelerated Learning Experience
  • Rapid Learning Bonus Bundle
  • Digital 30 Challenges Map
  • 290 Page Challenge ebook

This 70% Off Deal Won’t Last Long

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People have a million and one reasons to avoid their transformation and “I’m not sure if this will be worth it” is one of them. If you don’t think it’s worth it, you’ll get a full refund. We’re only able to do this because we take pride in the quality of the experiences we create. You have nothing to lose. Ready to claim your bundle and save $1000?

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