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Eric Jorgenson - How To Do More of What You Want to Do, And Less of What You Don't

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Eric Jorgenson - How To Do More of What You Want to Do, And Less of What You Don't

“What if this life were the paradise we were promised, and we’re just squandering it?”

-Naval Ravikant

Being happy and rich are learnable skills, and our guest today, Eric Jorgenson, has learned from the very best.

His compilation of wisdom and winning business strategies from legendary tech innovator Naval Ravikant took the internet by storm, and his unbelievably popular book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, holds a prominent place on the bookshelves of rich and happy people all over the world.

Even more impressively, though, he’s brought these ideas and timeless insights back into the real world again to create the foundations of a legendary career for himself as well. Eric Jorgenson consistently proves the truth and value of this wisdom via his own work and positive example.

During our conversation, he holds nothing back and lets us inside two fascinating minds, both his and Naval’s.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What it’s like working with Naval Ravikant
  • How to decide which book to read next
  • Why it’s more effective to focus on your trajectory than your current results
  • Why everything is getting better all the time
  • Using leverage to get to the point where you're only doing what you want to do
  • The importance of honing in on your specific knowledge
  • Allowing your path to unfold organically as the fast track to genuine expertise

One of the greatest lessons you'll learn in this episode, though, is that where you start off doesn't have to be where you end up. If there's a skill you lack, you can learn it; if there's a big scary problem looming over you, you can overcome it; if you want more out of life, you can have it.

About Our Guest:

Eric Jorgenson is an entrepreneur, writer, and investor. He is on the founding team of Zaarly, and has been publishing online since 2014. His blog has educated and entertained over a million readers.

Naval Ravikant (not present) is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList. He has invested early-stage in over 200 companies including Uber, FourSquare, Twitter,, Poshmark, Postmates, Thumbtack, Notion, SnapLogic, Opendoor, Clubhouse, Stack Overflow, Bolt, OpenDNS, Yammer, and Clearview AI, with over 70 total exits and more than 10 Unicorn companies. He is also a podcaster who shares advice on pursuing health, wealth, and happiness.

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