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Time To Transcend The ordinary

At HighExistence, we believe in a different way of life. We discard resentment, boredom, and numbness and trade it for the vibrant pursuit of wisdom and wonder. Adventure lives everywhere and miracles happen daily. Do you have the eyes to see it?

If you’re a free thinker who strives to live outside the box, if you want to scrap the script that’s been written for you and author your own story, we welcome you to our corner of the internet. Since 2009, we’ve reached millions of readers with our mind-expanding content and thousands of you have taken the leap into

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Psychedelics & Plant Medicine

Unlock the transformative power of psychedelic substances.

Stoicism & Philosophy

Build heroic courage and emotional resilience using practical philosophy.

Personal Growth & PRoductivity

Learn unconventional techniques and strategies to level up your life.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Contemplative practices for cultivating a calm, clear mind.

Psychology & Happiness

Understand the inner workings of your psyche and feel more daily happiness.

Brilliant Minds

Discover profound ideas from some of history’s greatest thinkers.

Altered States

Traveling in this world (and other worlds) for novel states of consciousness

Wisdom & Wonder

Activate a sacred sense of meaning and reverence.

HighExistence Podcast

Absorb perspectives that transcend the ordinary.

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