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What’s Included in this 8-Part Journey


Stoic Blueprint: The Ancient Operating System For Self Mastery

Understand Stoicism as an ancient blueprint for inner peace, virtue and self mastery and map your coordinates for the journey ahead.


Time Heist: Reclaiming The Gifts From Your Past

Unearth parts of your past that are still draining your energy and transform them into empowering moments important in cultivating who you are today.


Wise Roots: A Framework For Attaining Unwavering Tranquility

Learn Stoic practices for remaining centered and calm even in the face of challenging situations. Return to grounded clarity even if you lose your way.


Soul Armor: Harnessing Discomfort To Forge Your Character

With the principle of voluntary discomfort, we will use your fears to bolster your courage and increase resilience.


Ego Nuke: Practices For Cultivating Social Invincibility

Become bulletproof in social situations even when in large chaotic groups. Learn to defang rejection so you can act with more inspiration and less inhibition.


Hero Mode: Unorthodox Strategies To Overcome Anxiety

Learn the counterintuitive yet massively effective approaches to releasing anxiety so you can feel more ease and grace in your day-to-day routines.


Ancient Hustle: Strategies For Superhuman Discipline

See procrastination in its true colors and become a master of your own resistance. Here we will empower you to get more done with less friction.


Stoic Life: Embodying The Ancient Blueprint

Putting it all together so that you integrate grounded tranquility into your life more deeply with each passing day.

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