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13 Ways Overpopulation and Overconsumption Will Be The End Of Us All (In Pictures)

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As ever more human bodies roam around the earth, it becomes increasingly evident that the pressure on her ecosystems can be sustained no longer. Forests are dwindling, oceans are polluted and the animals that inhabit them have no more places to hide. Are we with too many? Do we consume too much? Let these pictures speak their thousand words and find out.

#1. Our Backyard Is Our Trashcan


Photograph: Zak Noyle / Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya on Java, Indonesia

#2. We Destroy The Life That Nourishes Us


Photograph: Daniel Dancer / Willamette National Forest, Oregon

#3. Our Expansion Is Reaching Catastrophic Limits


Photograph: Google Earth/2014 Digital Globe / Slums of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

#4. What Will We Eat When The Last Animal Has Died?


Photograph: Chris Jordan / Plastic Death of an Albatross

#5. Politicians Are Saving Jobs On The Titanic


Photograph: Mark Gamba/Corbis / Kern River Oil Field in California

#6. Colonising Mars Is Perhaps Our Only Escape


Photograph: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace / Burning Amazon & Livestock, Brazil

#7. Either Conform Or Go Extinct


Photograph: Google Earth/2014 Digital Globe / Crop Production China

#8. Through Ignorance, We Remain Sightless


Photograph: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace / Industrial livestock production in Brazil

#9. Happy Illusions That Keep Us Passively Blind


Photograph: Garth Lentz / Logging on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

#10. The Ideology Of Our Time: Growth At All Costs

Overconsumptioninpictures5 copy

Photograph: Yann Arthus Bertrand / Grow Greenhouses

#11. Per Definition Unsustainable Systems Won’t Last


Photograph: Brett Cole / South City Mall in Kolkata, India

#12. So Either The System Goes Or We Do


Photograph: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace / 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

#13. Delusion As Resistance Is Futile


Photograph: Pablo Lopez Luz / Mexico City

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