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The Aligned Human, Cultural Contrasts, + Learning Anything (HEx Dialogues #5)

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What does living in alignment really look like?

How do you define the goals, virtues, and morals that will guide your life? And how do you act them out in your daily life?

This is just one of the many topics we explore today on the latest HighExistence Dialogues – with learning expert Justin Noppé with us.

We explore the systems and techniques of unlocking yourself, living up to the potential you have inside of you, and explore how your culture shapes a lot of this early on and what you can do about it now.

Whether it’s new skill acquisition, changing your personality and disposition, or getting a deeper understanding of how to connect with others — this conversation goes into all of that and a lot more.

Justin is already the creator of our Accelerated Learning course, so you can dive in behind-the-scenes as we riff on these topics. To learn more about the course, check out the link at the top of this description.


  • Overcoming agreeableness and cultural divisions
  • Navigating interpersonal dynamics with expertise
  • What an ‘aligned human’ looks like
  • Become anything and anybody you want
  • Building a sturdy foundation for the rest of your life
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills
  • Becoming an interesting person and owning it
  • Deconstructing yourself with real-world results


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