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On the Death-Defying Wonder of Nikola Tesla’s Life

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nikola tesla highexistence
”The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

— Nikola Tesla

Gates. Curie. Plato. Ford. Mozart. Theresa. Newton. Musk. Shakespeare. Einstein.

Some names ring with the all the power of history behind them. Individuals who rose above the life and times of their era and redefined the world. The mention of their name invites all manner of awe — and perhaps a bit of envy.

Rightly so.

They were (or still are) f*cking badass.

Without their contributions, our society and way of life as we know and love it may not exist at all. Certainly not in the incredible capacity it does today. We have them to thank.

Now, it’s been said that you die twice.

The first is when your physical body dies. When your heart stops beating.

The second is the last time someone utters your name.

For some folks, these two deaths come very close together. How often do you talk about your great-great-grandfather? How often does anyone talk about your great-great-grandfather?

Perhaps he has already experienced this ‘second death’.

For the names listed above though, they continue to live on (some are still alive)!

In a way, they are immortal.

It is difficult to reach this level. It not only takes unparalleled skill, knowledge, and achievement, but the ability to shift societies.

To begin paradigm shifts and rewrite history books. To take a fundamental assumption of the way the world works and disprove it. Flip it upside down.

I’m sure you can think of many more names that belong on this list, as many come to mind.

There is however, one individual who people may not think to add to this list, but is arguably one of the most deserving names.


nikola tesla highexistence

The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla

”The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Nikola Tesla was a revolutionary, eons ahead of his time, and still eons ahead of us.

His list of accomplishments is nearly insurmountable, and his fingerprints can be found in every household, and on every street corner, radio tower, and military base.

Beyond his achievements in his working career, Tesla’s personal resume is astounding.

Growing up, he had an eidetic memory, and was known to memorize entire books, poems, and operating manuals.

He was a polyglot, claiming a level of fluency in 8 languages.

He survived multiple near death experiences, ranging from contracting fatal diseases like cholera, or being stuck, isolated on snowy mountaintops.

He could perform integral calculations in his head, and visualize, troubleshoot, and refine extraordinary machines in his head.

No pencil, paper, or revisions required.

He famously ran on 3–4 hours of sleep, and worked nearly every waking hour. He became addicted to gambling, chess, and cards, at one point losing all of his money — then he earned it all back. Casual.

He went from starting his own company with multiple patents, to working odd jobs for $2/hour.

He was clinically insane, admitting this in his personal biography.

He had a wild FBI file.

He had incredibly acute hearing, once saying that a fly could bother him when it was 4 rooms away. An almost sensory hypersensitivity, flashes of light could debilitate him, sounds from miles away could be discerned, and he felt an uncanny sense of telepathy with his mother.

All of this is arguably enough to put him on the list of great minds and outstanding thinkers.

And this is all before he had done any of the work that he is most famous for today.

Nikola Tesla was a God amongst men.

A master at anything that could hold his attention.

Fortunately for us, electricity, radio waves, and the fundamental frequencies of the universe normally held his attention. As a result he birthed incredible inventions from this maniacal focus on pushing humanity forward.

nikola tesla highexistence

Notable Mentions — Tesla’s Unprecedented Impact

When asked why he worked so tirelessly, Tesla often cited the single notion that he wanted to propel humanity forward.

That the understanding of frequency, energy, and vibration, or other non-physical phenomena would push humanity forward at a rate unseen in all of history.

With his mastery of the subject and peerless work ethic, Tesla’s individual contributions to the field are incredible, in both the quantity of them and each ones individual importance.

Better yet, not a man to seek out fame or fortune, he often let others use his patents or ideas freely, which allowed even more creations to come to life, all thanks to his pioneering work.

Tesla is the giant whose shoulders the world stands on.

Let’s take a quick look at what we can thank Tesla for:

  • Popularizing and normalizing alternating current (AC).
  • Critical technological advancements leading to the working model of the lightbulb.
  • Pioneering work in radio and radio waves. Marconi (the credited inventor of radio) used 17 of Tesla’s patents to do this.
  • Fundamental work on creating radar for the military.
  • Early X-ray discoveries which led to the early creation of X-ray machines.
  • Designing the hydroelectric power system for Niagara Falls, pioneering hydroelectric power systems.
  • Earliest work on transistors, which were critical for the creation of the entire information age and computers as we know them.
  • Pioneering work in robotics (autonomous systems, automation). He predicted the automation revolution that is happening right now, and has some incredible thoughts on the future you can find here.
  • The ability to send / receive radio waves into outer space, creating the field of radio astronomy.
  • Calculating the resonant frequency of the Earth. This was so far ahead of his time it wasn’t verified until 50 years later.
  • Theorized and created ‘ball lightning’ — which to this day we still have trouble replicating.
  • Remote controls!
  • Neon lighting.
  • The modern electric motor.
  • Wireless communications and wireless power.
  • Over 300 patents related to all of these fields and discoveries.

He also had some even wilder inventions, such as the Wardenclyffe tower, a tower that would generate free wireless power for all of New York — which was halted by the energy giants of the time due to a treacherous impact on future profits.

He created an Earthquake machine, which could level buildings and cities. Even a death ray!

Without Tesla, modern society as we know it would not exist.

No binging Netflix specials. No torrenting movies from the internet. No order drugs via the darknet. No annoying radio commercials. You’d actually have to get up and push the buttons on your TV!

Thank you, Tesla.

”Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance, what Buddha called ‘the greatest evil in the world.’”

Why Tesla Is A Hero, and Why We Never Deserved Him

Tesla gave humanity its vitality, freely. He was not focused on financial gain, though he made millions through his inventions. These were reinvested into the development of newer, epic technologies.

When his work was siphoned or stolen and used to pioneer something else, he did not file lawsuits but rather let them be, knowing that these technologies would push the needle of innovation and progress further.

He worked tirelessly, sometimes at the expense of his own health, to contribute to the future of humanity. To build the future one day at a time.

We owe our way of life to Nikola Tesla and his creations.

A true mad scientist if there ever was one.

A true hero if there ever was one.

We did not—and to this day do not—deserve what he did for us.

Though Thomas Edison is often credited with the electrical revolution, he simply monetized what Tesla created. He was a businessman while Tesla embodied the archetypal scientist.

Tesla knew what we needed, and what needed to be done to bring this to life.

With Tesla, we could be living with free energy. Transmitted wirelessly to all households and institutions globally. But due to corporate greed, the egos of men, and the foibles of us mere mortals — these innovations were stifled, sabotaged, or stopped altogether.

Tesla singlehandedly revolutionized modern society and ushered in the information age to which we owe our livelihood.

He performed lifetimes of work, at an unbelievable pace, all while being more handsome than you or I.

In a world focused on how to copyright the latest widget being mass produced, Tesla was focused on how to give free energy to the masses.

To this day, Tesla remains ahead of our time. His mastery of non-physical phenomena, of resonance and frequency, propelled humanity into the beautiful state it exists today.

To top it all off, he opposed the wars, was a firm feminist, and cared deeply about wellness and social good.

Though humanity needed what he created, we certainly didn’t do anything to show our gratitude, or willingness to receive these inventions.

Tesla was the hero we didn’t, but didn’t deserve.

He was a fine man. An incredible thinker.

He led a High Existence.

We love to pay homage to great minds here. Whether that’s Nietzsche, Musk, or anyone else — the world deserves to know these names and the reasons why they are so important.

To pay homage to Tesla and his creations, we’ve made a place for him in our Awakened T-Shirts line. If you want to wear your mission, spread the news about Tesla and his monumental accomplishments — we pay our regards to Tesla with this incredible piece of history.

”Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.”
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