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2 Powerfully Motivating Insights On Following Your Dreams

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2 Powerfully Motivating Insights On Following Your Dreams

1) No one starts off as a master

Everyone starts off as a nobody, knowing nothing and having accomplished zilch.

Every great name you’ve ever heard of had the same humble beginnings with regard to their craft.

Four years ago, I knew absolutely


about website design, personal development, business, marketing, etc. And it did not take all 4 years for me to gain the skills required to kick ass. Not even close.

Are you at square one now? Excellent! That’s the perfect place to start.

2) The big difference lies in one step each day

The ONLY difference between an average person and a master is



The simple trick to doing big things is taking one small step at a time. If you think too much about the giant task ahead of you, you’ll be stopped in your tracks before you even take your first step.

The great thing about being human is that you will become AMAZING at anything you do for an extended period of time.

1) Decide what you want.

2) Do one small things today to get you closer.

3) Repeat.


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