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50 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

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50 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

Are you looking for a great job that gives you fulfillment and purpose?

I found this amazing website called 50 Ways to Get a Job that gives you a 50-step walkthrough towards discovering and landing the perfect job for you.

50 Ways is the result of over three years of research and work by a team of people from across Canada and the United States aimed at helping you find a ‘job that makes money and does good.’

The creator, Dev Aujla, says,

What’s contained within this site is not a magic bullet: you won’t get a job by simply reading each page. But, if you commit to doing every exercise, with authenticity, serious effort, hustle and follow through, you will discover your path, find your ideal career, and get hired. Start with the the missions that resonate with you most, regardless of the numerical order. There is no one linear path to figuring out how to live well.

My favorite is #11, from the ‘Finding My Purpose‘ section:

#11 – Imagine 3 Vastly Different Careers

In order to truly imagine a vastly different career for ourselves we often have to use simple tricks to help us break away from what we think we have to do.

  1. List three professional fields that excite you enough that you could give a speech about them for 10 minutes (e.g., wilderness education, organic farming, economics, etc.)
  2. List three work-related activities that you love doing that aren’t necessarily related to the fields above (e.g., working with my hands, having one-on-one meetings, presenting to groups, etc.)
  3. List three cities where you have lived or want to live (e.g., Scottsdale, Arizona; Halifax, Nova Scotia; San Jose, California.)
  4. Now mix and match your fields, activities and places and create three to five different combinations. Mixing all of these elements together can help you find unexpected opportunities based on what you already have or want.

What opportunities could tie these seemingly random concepts together for you? Is there a business potential here? What about an exploratory trip? Would you move to a new city? Learn something new? Reconnect with a friend who you’ve lost touch with?

See the other 49 ways here:

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