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6 More EPIC Quotes from “Conversations With God”

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6 More EPIC Quotes from “Conversations With God”

Here are six more empowering quotes from “Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue” by Neal Walsh. I just couldn’t fit them all into one article :)

1“So-do you want your life to ‘take off?’ Begin at once to imagine it the way you want it to be–and move into that. Check every thought, word, and action that does not fall into harmony with that. Move away from those.”

2“When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts–thoughts that negate your highest idea about a thing–think again! I want you to do this, literally. If you think you are in a doldrum, in a pickle, and no good can come of this, think again. If you think the world is a bad place, filled with negative events, think again. If you think your life is falling apart, and it looks as if you’ll never get it back together again, think again.”

“There is nothing scary about life if you are not attached to the results.”

“Choose, but don’t want. Think ‘I choose success,’ not ‘I want success.'”

5“There is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot do. There is nothing you cannot have.”

6“The most rapid way to change a root thought, or sponsoring idea, is to reverse the thought-word-deed process. Do the deed that you want to have the new thought about. Then say the words that you want to have your new thought about. Do this often enough and you’ll train the mind to think a new way.”

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