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7-Day Thought Challenges (Live-With’s)

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7-Day Thought Challenges (Live-With’s)

Live-with’s are different from mantras in that you only use one at a time (unless you really like a challenge!) and you’re not repeating them to yourself over and over. Instead, you’re simply bringing the statement to mind as often as you can, and living it out to the best of your ability.

For example…

Concerning one of my favorite live-with’s: ‘Ask Dumb Questions‘, Michael explains, “The word ‘dumb’ can allow you to get beyond the fears and nattering of your Inner Voice of Judgment (VOJ) that tells you not to ask questions when they actually should be asked. People find that when they take the leap and ask a sincere question of clarity, others thank them for opening things up and getting to the heart of the matter.”

Regarding another favorite live-with, ‘Have No Expectations‘, Michael says, “Take the risk of preparing, having a clear intention and then relying on your resources without attachment to the way things are supposed to turn out. You’ll develop an almost visceral understanding—your own understanding—of the difference between expectations and goals or intentions. You’ll experience openness.”

So, I challenge you to pick a live-with from the list below to live out for the next 7 days. If you run into any confusion as to what any of them mean, ask a ‘dumb’ question in the comments and either myself or another HEthen will help you out :)

To Develop Faith in Your Own Inner Resources

Have No Expectations
I Don’t Know
If at First You Don’t Succeed, Surrender
Let Go

To Diminish Your Inner Voice of Judgment (VOJ)

Psych Out the VOJ
Say Hello and Then Good-bye to Your VOJ
Destroy Judgment, Create Curiosity

To Move into Precise Observation

Be Awake
Everything Is New
Pay Attention

To Increase Your Use of Penetrating Questions

Ask Dumb Questions
What Questions of Wonder Will I Ask Today?

Purpose/Prosperity Challenge

Do Only What You Love, Love Everything That You Do
Do Only What Is Easy, Effortless and Enjoyable
Be Ordinary
To Thine Own Self Be True
At This Moment, What Is Your Aim?
What Is Your Intention Now?

Time and Stress Challenge

Don’t Worry, Just Do It
Don’t Think about It
Be Bold
Walk into Fear

Relationship Challenge

See with Your Heart
Live with Compassion
See Goodness in Yourself and Others
Speak Up!

Balance Challenge

Yes or No?
Ask Yourself If It’s a Yes or a No
Everything in Life Is Either a Yes or a No
What Is Your Decision Now?
Recognize Your Decision Now

Challenge of Sharing Your Creativity

Become a Generative Leader
Participate in the Flow of Giving and Receiving
Be in the World but Not of It
Be Your Self, Do Your Work
Live in Essence
Amplify Positive Deviance


Be Honest with Yourself
Be Loyal to Your Own Values
Be Spontaneous
It’s Up to You!
Keep It Simple
Poke, Prod, Test, Tweak
Seek Goodness in Yourself and Others
Stop and Listen!
Be Breathed, Be Loved and Listen
Be Prepared for Serendipity

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