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A Short and Sweet Insight About Human Nature

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A Short and Sweet Insight About Human Nature

For some reason or another, I found myself in a funk over the last few days. I was lacking passion and drive. The world wasn’t quite as vibrant as it usually appears. Little things were going wrong here and there. I just wasn’t happy.

To make matters worse, my go-to activities for realigning myself were failing miserably. I went for walks, meditated, stated affirmations, exercised, watched inspirational videos, read books, activated my chakras…I did


. But it all felt fake. I couldn’t truly get behind any of those activities because it felt like my core had been depleted.

So this morning I woke up and went on another walk. The question on my mind was “What the hell is wrong?” Half-way through my neighborhood circuit, an old concept that I had somewhat brushed off popped into my head: Our natural state is love.

Then it all clicked: I was trying SO hard to get back to a state of loving and acceptance that I ended up pushing it away. I was attempting to cover my funk in positive thoughts when all I had to do was completely let go so my innate positivity could shine through.

In other words, even resistance should not be resisted. I was fighting against my funk when I should have simply accepted it, and allowed it to pass like clouds on a windy day. Instead I fought against it tooth and nail and prolonged its stay.

In summary: Don’t try so hard; you’re already there. You just have to let go enough for your true nature to bubble up and show itself :)

What simple truths have you come across lately?

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