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How to Avoid The Negative Pull of Behavioral Gravity

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How to Avoid the negative pull of behavioral gravity
How to Avoid the negative pull of behavioral gravity

I want you to try something for me next time you are in the bath.

Pull the plug, and as the water starts to empty: hold the plug just above the plug-hole.

What do you feel?

If you haven’t got a bath nearby I’ll tell you.


Gravity caused by the water being sucked into the hole. If you hold the plug closer to the hole, the pull will get stronger and stronger.

In fact, it will get so powerful that the plug will start to shake violently in your hand as it is urged in the direction of the flow.

But – and this is the second part of the experiment – you will also notice that when you move the plug away from the hole, the pull will get weaker and weaker, until you reach a point just outside the orbit of the plug-hole where there is no gravitational pull at all, certainly not enough so as you’d notice.

Outside of the orbit, you can observe the gravitational pull, but not be of the gravitational pull.

Exciting stuff!

Do you think so?

(Well, Einstein did.)

Let me tell you why it is so exciting to me.

It is exciting because…

Everyone and everything is a plug-hole.

Or, to be more succinct (and less offensive), everyone and everything has a gravitational pull, and like the plug-hole will be sucked in if we allow ourselves to slip too deeply into its orbit.

Let me give you two examples: food and porn (not to be confused with food porn).

If you love your food you will notice that food – especially of the junk variety – has its own gravitational field. We think about food, or we see food, or smell food and miraculously we are sucked into its orbit and suddenly we find ourselves sitting at a bakery necking a party-pasty and a cream cake desert that we might as well paste right on our bellies.

Similarly, the salacious nature of porn in all its forms sucks us in (forgive the unintentional pun) like a planet into a black hole. We get a hint of bare ankle or a whiff of easy fortune and Bang! We find ourselves in a gravitational field that pulls us into a wank-fest of imagined excess.

If you look at the numbers, you’ll see sexual pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Its gravitational pull is global and measurable.

These major, visible orbits are obvious enough, and like the plug-hole they are only really dangerous if we enter with ignorance or unschooled minds.

Avoiding the allure of addiction.

The practiced warrior does not succumb to addiction. He understands enough about gravity and orbits to stay on the periphery of the most treacherous, and only then enters on-guard or for a specific purpose.

One might assume that the most obvious auras are the most dangerous orbits to enter. Not necessarily true. It is (I find) the most insidious orbits that we do not necessarily recognise as maleficent that often proffer the most peril. Like the devil, these orbits never do so much harm as when they convince people that they do not exist.

I am talking of course about the imperceptible orbits of other people. Especially those whose strong charisma is coupled with a dark or ignorant intention.

We are surrounded on a daily basis by people who suck us into their orbit (deliberately or by mistake) and influence us in a very wrong direction. If you sit in the company of the critical and the cynical, it will not be long before your worldview starts to reflect their twisted rhetoric.

Have a regular beer with the criminal and the violent and I guarantee that within a very short period you will start to grow bulbous knuckles and apish arms. And we all know how quickly titillation in any subject can quickly metamorphose into reality itself.

I have met many people who have gone from flirtatious magazine erotica to full-out, in-the-trap swinging and somewhere along the way lost not only their integrity (often their marriages) but also their raison d’être. What is interesting with these types is the fact that their astray is often so profound that they violently deny being lost at all.

But it is not all bad news.

The dark is always juxtaposed by light.

Where murky orbits can influence along the wrong path, bright orbits can influence us along the path to salvation. Slip into the orbit of a good motivational speaker, or a spiritual guru or a man of integrity and you will find a gravity that pulls you in all the right directions.

Watch a film about Gandhi, Martin Luther King or our top 25 documentaries and you may be inspired to change the world.

Read Lance Armstrong’s autobiography and his gravity will be so strong that you will know categorically, 100% that good health is not a lottery but a choice.

And if everyone has gravity, and gravity is what attracts things and people (and with them gifts) then why not make your own gravitational pull so awesomely attractive that you pull nothing less than positive abundance into your universe?

What to remember.

Know that everything has an orbit, know that everything has gravity, and know that you whilst you do get to choose which ones you enter you may not always get to choose the ones you leave. So, diligence please.

Some orbits are less forgiving than others, and once they suck you in they might not let you out again. I have stopped counting the friends I have lost because they chose the wrong orbit, or flirted with a gravity that was beyond their game. And once you are down that plug-hole, let me tell you…

…you ain’t ever coming back.

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