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How to See the Beauty in this World (Again)

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How to See the Beauty in this World (Again)

Remember when you were a kid, you could spend hours playing with simple things? When the world was a constant source of wonder?

Well you still live in the same world so it must have been you that changed, right? Thanks to evolution, we rapidly become accustomed to our surroundings. We would be easy prey if were amazed by every little thing we came across.

BUT that does not mean we cannot revert to a state of being able to appreciate the immense beauty that we usually take for granted. It just takes a bit of concentration and mindfulness…

1) Stop

Stop thinking. Stop doing. Just be still for a moment and cast aside any distractions. You cannot fully appreciate something if your mind is elsewhere. Ideally you should be able to slowly count to 60 without your mind wandering to something else.

2) Become Present

Begin to notice your surroundings. Don’t dwell too long on one thing. Just take in your environment and sink further into that state of non-thinking and non-doing.

3) Center Your Attention

Pick one thing close to you and study it intensely. Notice the beauty in its complexity and the complexity it its simplicity. For example, look at how all of the thousands of blades of grass fold over each other and quiver together in the wind. Or how the wood grain in your dining room table contains endless patterns marking the growth of the tree that it once was.

You might have to use a bit of imagination to get going, but once you’re there it’s difficult to stop.

Have you seen ‘American Beauty?’ There is a scene in the film that illustrates this point particularly well:

I’ve been attempting (and succeeding!) in noticing the beauty in small things for the past week. Here are a couple of simple things I captured on phone:

What beautiful yet simple things can you find?

I leave you with this beautiful song about the beauty of the world – Peng 33! by Iron & Wine :)

Photo by gomophotography

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