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The Best Stress-Relieving-Make-Me-Feel-Badass Trick Ever

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The Best Stress-Relieving-Make-Me-Feel-Badass Trick Ever

You’re 5 minutes away from a huge job interview / audition / date / speech / presentation / performance / [insert stressful event here]…

The butterflies are flapping furiously in your stomach and none of the old tricks are making them going away. Picturing the audience naked never worked for you, stress is overcoming your ability to meditate, and you don’t have nearly enough time for a round of yoga.

What do you do?

Try out this game-changing trick that I learned from Kyle Cease. Start talking about the event like it’s already happened and went even better than perfect. The audience gave you an encore, they offered you the job on the spot, the date ended with a kiss, etc.

Talking is like visualizing on steroids. As you talk about how well you did, your brain will automatically put together imagery and other details, making your body believe there’s no more reason for stress. Even better, your body will now think you should be feeling a HIGH rather than butterflies.

The problem with visualization is that your brain can very easily say “THIS DID NOT HAPPEN”, making the exercise pointless. But when you’re distracting your brain by putting together sentences, its truth sensors are turned off. The words and visuals go into your subconscious with ease, almost to the point of producing false memories of you rockin’ it.

Then you enter your big event riding a high with the confidence of already knowing the outcome.


Go try it!

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