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The Most Übermensch Man in the World: A Comic That Would Make Nietzsche Chuckle

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The Most Übermensch Man in the World: A Comic That Would Make Nietzsche Chuckle

The Most Übermensch Man in the World by Existential Comics

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Don’t Know About the Übermensch?

Übermensch, which translates to “Overman” or “Superman,” is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. For Nietzsche, the Übermensch was a hypothetical human being who had overcome the influence of the herd and all other external influences. An Übermensch would will their own values and live in a childlike state of free play and creativity.

If you’re curious to learn more about this idea, read our in-depth article on the subject: Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Conquering Your Existence.


Recommended: The Portable Nietzsche

If you’re at all curious to read some Nietzsche, there is no better book for you to get your hands on than The Portable Nietzsche. Walter Kaufman’s translation of Nietzsche is impeccable, and the volume includes Nietzsche’s four major books, in full: Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist, Nietzsche Contra Wagner and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Kaufman also brings together selections from Nietzsche’s other books, notes, and letters to give a full picture of the development of one of the most influential and controversial philosophers ever to walk this Earth. One thing I love about this book — and about Nietzsche — is that you can simply flip open to any page, start reading, and get something special. Nietzsche is an endless fountain of profound thoughts and perspective-altering aphorisms.

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