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The Worst Case Scenario

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The Worst Case Scenario

What if you died right now…

Would you be happy with what you have done/been doing with your life?

Most people would answer that question with, “Of course not, I’m not done living yet! As soon as __(insert event)__, I want to __(insert dream)__.”The fact of the matter is that most people are living compromised lives with the intention of eventually living the life that they want once some event occurs. Whether it be retirement, kids going to college, graduation, or whatever the event, it might as well be when hell freezes over! You only have one life and it can be ended at ANY time. Why would you even consider spending the majority (or god forbid all of it) living a life that you do not want?!The Funeral Method: Imagine that you are attending your own funeral. Think about who would be there and what your friends and family would say about you and your life. Now compare that to what you want your own funeral to be like. Who you want to be there and what do you want them to be saying about you in front of everyone. A funeral is essential where people get together and reminisce about your life, so don’t be conservative! Really think about what you want people to be saying about your life and who you were as a person.If what people would say and what you would like them to say don’t match up, you have a problem. You are not living the life that you want to live. Use this exercise as a motivational tool to consider making some minor, if not major changes in your life!Now back to you being alive…
The truth about the concept of “Retirement” —- Retirement is one of the most miserable concepts I have ever heard of. Spending your youthful years working 5 days a week so that you can finally stop working at 65? There are a couple problems with that:1) Retirement turns your dream into simply NOT doing what makes you miserable instead of doing what you WANT to do. It is a dream killer.2) The whole concept of “not working” sounds great while you are working, but only until you retire. Doing nothing is boring! Sure, you can go travel the world, but watch that retirement fund, it has to last you for quite some time.3) It starts at age 65. Or whenever you retire. Either way, working limits you immensely when you are young and 100% capable of following your dream. It works you and works you, then dumps you off at 65 when you will be far less capable of fulfilling your dream.Conclusion: Don’t let the societal standard of working yourself to death to afford a “normal life

” get in the way of following your dream. Be homeless if you have to in order to do what you want to do. At least you won’t be living a miserable life constantly having to do something that you do not want to do in order to get things that you do not really want. That sounds like hell. One of the biggest gifts of being human is that we have ABSOLUTE freedom in our lives! So use it; don’t get trapped in a life that you don’t want. And it’s


too late to start anew!

Decide what you want and go get it. This is your life and you only have one. Don’t compromise your own existence for anyone or anything.You are free…

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