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These 7 Comics Perfectly Capture The Attitudes You Need to Succeed

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these 7 comics perfectly capture the attitudes you need to succeed
these 7 comics perfectly capture the attitudes you need to succeed

The incredible artists over at Rational Comics don’t want to tell you about the best mindsets you need to be successful.

They want to

show you.

When I interviewed Joshua, the creator of Rational Comics, about his motivation for authoring these comics, he said:

“I believe stories and comics are a powerful medium. I have seen how comics can educate and entertain people at the same time. So why not comics that talk about business, entrepreneurship and success? I want to make a place where people can learn about these topics in an engaging way. That’s the goal of Rational Comics.”

Check out the full 7 remarkable comics below.

Mountain Moving Man – Self-Belief

001: Mountain Moving Man, Dasrath Manjhi – Success Story Series & David J. Schwartz quote

Judo Boy – Resourcefulness

004: Judo Boy

Folk Atop the Mountain – Introspection

003: Flower Atop The Mountain

Richard Branson: YOLO – Be Present

007: Richard Branson – YOLO

Straight Tree and Crooked Tree – Innovation

015: Straight Tree and Crooked Tree

Thomas Edison: Hard Work is Missed by Most – Action

021: Thomas Edison – Hard work is missed by most

Take Chances, Take A Lot Of Them – Take Risks

025: Take Chances, Take A Lot Of Them

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Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks

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