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Wake the F$#k Up!

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Wake the F$#k Up!

This is a wake up call for anyone that is not living the life they want to live. It will be dogmatic and heated, but nonetheless full of truth. I apologize if this shocks you into a state of discontent with your current lifestyle (that’s the intention).

First, take a look at the road map below:


Where did you end up? Actually I don’t care because I don’t think you thought nearly enough about whether or not you are happy. Now answer these 2 questions and really think about your answers:

1) Do I love what I do on a daily basis?
2) Do I wake up everyday excited about how great the day is going to be?

If you can’t answer yes 100% to both of these questions, then you need to change something. Because GUESS WHAT…

Picture 2

Yeah, you’ve heard that 1000 times before. “Life is short, so make the most of it.” Well this time you’re hearing it from a guy that isn’t fucking around.

This is your life. You have complete freedom. We live in an era where the world is more accessible than ever. You’re not a slave or a peon or a prisoner. You can do WHATEVER you want. So why aren’t you doing exactly what you love? Money, fear, indecision, lack of knowledge, girlfriend/boyfriend and “I’m content” are


answers to that question.

When you give yourself pathetic excuses like that, this is how your life ends up:


That’s depressing.

And yet it’s the norm all over the world! Well thank god, or rather thank me that you are reading this right now so you can avoid that horrible fate of wasting your life away.

So going back to the road map at the very top, change is the key. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Figure out what you want to change about your life
2) Plan out the steps and attitude changes you need to implement in order to see those changes
3) Dedicate every fiber of your being to bringing about those changes

Your life (and happiness) depends on it.

P.S. If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what you want to change, then check out Finding Your Bliss: A Quick Strategy.

If you want to kickstart your path to a life you love waking up to, consider taking The Ultimate Life Experiment.

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