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Your Personal Detox Day

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Your Personal Detox Day

Today, I invite you to partake in a Personal Detox Day and take back control of your life. I’ve been putting this into practice for about a year now and I have found it to lead to many short-term and long-term benefits including but not limited to: MUCH less anxiety, more discipline, will power, and determination, a higher vibrational energy, and general happiness and bliss!

While it would be great to experience all of these effects with ease, taking a Personal Detox Day is no walk in the park. In order to really gain from it, you must fully commit yourself to having a day dedicated solely to personal detoxification. The detox take place from the moment you wake up to the moment the sun goes down. Let’s get to it; what takes place during a Personal Detox Day?

1. Practice silence until sunset

At first you might be a little hesitant to take this task on. It can be difficult, especially if you are like me – living in a college setting with your friends all around you. While being an arduous task, silence has some extremely beneficial effects.

When you initially commit to the silence, you will find that your internal dialogue will become even more turbulent. The urge and desire to speak will increase with great intensity. But if you stay strong, your mind will eventually accept the silence and the sense of urgency and anxiety will leave you. The internal dialogue will begin to quiet. And soon the silence will become profound. The mind has surrendered; it realizes that YOU are not going to speak, period.
This silence will also increase your power in terms of drawing to your life what you intend and desire. Stillness is the first requirement for using your mind to manifest your desires. Deepak Chopra explains this with the following metaphor;

“Imagine throwing a little stone into a still pond and watching it ripple. Then, after a while, when the ripples settle down, perhaps you throw another little stone. That is exactly what you do when you go into pure silence and introduce your intention…But if you do not experience stillness, if your mind is like a turbulent ocean, you could throw the Empire State Building into it and you wouldn’t notice a thing”
The silence that you are committing yourself to all day will come in handy later during this Personal Detox Day when you are doing just this.

2. Clean your Personal Space

It may be your bedroom; it may be your office. It is your personal space. It is the location in your home that is your default relaxing area. Where you are when you are reading, on the computer, meditating. Wherever this place may be, you must make sure that it is spick and span. Whether the area is very messy or only a little messy. Take time today to organize this space and clean it to perfection. This means, throw out any garbage you have lying around, putting things in their proper place, and organizing what you have left so that the space is clutter free and inviting.

A clear personal space makes room for clear thinking, and you are going to be doing a lot of that today.

3. Determine Your Purpose

Now that we have a clean work environment and a silent mind, we can get into the thinking and reflecting portions of Personal Detox Day.

The point of determining your purpose is to make sure you are on track to reaching all your goals in life in accordance to your values and principles.

After establishing your short-term and long-term purposes, achieving your “lofty” goals won’t seem so impossible anymore.

To establish your long-term purpose, I challenge you to write out a small autobiographical paragraph that will summarize your life. What will you be doing? How much money will you have? Who will you be? Where will you be? What will you have accomplished? How will people see you? How will you see yourself?

There is no right answer, all there is, is what you want – that is your life’s purpose.

Now that you have established your long-term purpose, it is time create your short-term purpose. Within the next year, I want you to ask yourself; what do I want to accomplish? How will I accomplish it? What do I want? How will I get it?

Once this is done, it is important to consider both the long-term purpose and the short-term purpose together. Do you see any relations? Any contradictions? Finding a bridge between your long-term purpose and short-term purpose will help give you much more direction in life, leaving you feeling less lost in this giant world.

During this pensive activity it is also time to make a list of all your intentions and desires. Be as specific as you wish. I’m telling you, you can have anything you want…. With that said, What do YOU want? Make a list.

4. Meditation

Now it is time to partake in some mental preparation. Many people have many different methods of meditating. If you have a particular one you are accustomed to, go for it! If not, or if you are new to meditation, I find that the technique I am about to describe is the most beneficial to the overall purpose of this Personal Detox Day.

Find a spot on the floor in your personal space, if you can prop your back up against something, do so. Take out your cell phone and set an alarm for 30 minutes, make sure you aren’t interrupted by any phone calls or texts. Sit cross-legged and close your eyes. Put your hands in your lap. Take a deep breath in through your nose, once you have hit capacity, slowly exhale through your mouth. When you inhale, simply think the word “in” and when you exhale, “out”.

Your mind will try to take you from your concentration on your breath. It is YOUR job to bring your focus to the simple thoughts of “in” and “out”

Once the 30 minutes have expired, slowly open your eyes. Sit there for a moment. Ask yourself, “What is my next thought going to be?” Wait for it….

5. Visualization

We have mentally been preparing ourselves for this all day. We have been experiencing silence, which has allowed us to enter the pure potentiality of our energy. We have consciously calmed our mind through our 30 minutes of mediation.

It is time to break out the lists we made earlier of our intended desires, our purposes – both short and long. It is now time to visualize for 30 minutes.
For those of you who are weary about the “Law of Attraction” I am going to try to frame it in a different light. It is more than simply thinking about something and then it magically appears, unfortunately, nothing in life works like that. The power of attraction, however; is a powerful mental tool – a tool whose powers have been increased due to our earlier activities.

This process works by focusing on something you want, but visualizing yourself already having it. The action of visualizing your goals as if they have already been achieved will give you a heightened sense of awareness for recognizing opportunities that occur around you. These opportunities will the assist you in bringing what you want into physical reality.

6. Go for a walk

Last but not least, go for a 20 minute walk. But during the entire walk, remain present. Don’t go off thinking about what you did earlier today, or any of the visualizations you have already done. It is now time to just be, to remain in the Now, to be in the present moment. Notice everything around you. Move your conscious focus into your senses. What you are seeing, feeling, sensing and smelling. The key is to be fully present of where you are in the moment.

Congratulations. You have successfully completed your first Personal Detox Day! Hopefully after this day of spiritual rest and reflection you are feeling light and content and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer you in the days to come. I find that taking a Personal Detox Day is great to do monthly. Taking a day off from everything and everyone around will help you regain FULL control of your life.

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