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Your Worldview Can Set You Free

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Your Worldview Can Set You Free

You want more freedom?

No sweat.  All you have to do is this:

Investigate the current boundaries in your life.

Your belief system determines the boundaries in your life.  It is the framework you use to make sense of the world around you.  It is a way of interpreting events and encounters.  It is your container.

It will supply the answers to questions like:  What am I?  Who am I?  Where do I come from?  Where am I?  Why am I here?  What should I consider valuable?  What should I consider important?  Can I do that?  Is that allowed?  Is that good?  Is it bad?  Is it dangerous?  Is it desirable?  Am I pretty?  Am I ok?  What happens to me when I die?  What is safe?  What is dangerous? What is happiness?  What gives value to my life?  Etc.etc.

You did not waltz onto this spinning globe with a worldview in your pocket. Oh no.  When you arrived on planet E you were as clean as this page I’m writing on, an unwritten story, a wave of possibility.

Your family and community taught you cultural beliefs, religions, worldviews and gave you specific guidelines for interpreting information to help you cope with society and interact reasonably well with other people.

Depending on where you were born – the African Kalahari or in an igloo at the North Pole – this way of interpreting the world might be completely unique and very precise, created to sustain a certain way of life and to ensure longevity.

Beliefs are an editing system for the brain: in every moment, your brain observes your surroundings critically, eliminating what it perceives to be erroneous or inconsequential to your belief system, and focusing solely on what it considers to be vital and important to your specific worldview.

The older you get, the more invested you become in this way of thinking; invested in the sense that your belief becomes stronger, and your belief system and operational programmes more rigid.

These beliefs that you harbour can be likened to computer programmes.  Some of these programmes serve you, and some simply slow down your hard drive and cause you pain.  Just like your computer, your personal programmes need to be checked and upgraded often, if you are to ensure optimal usability and an enhanced experience.

Unhappiness is often the result of a conflict between the programmes you’ve had uploaded and the desires of your soul.

If your belief system conflicts with your desires, it creates major problems:  A man destined to become the next King, but who desires to be a trapeze artist, will end up having a very hard time.

If he never recognises that his own belief that his destiny is pre-ordained is blocking him from being who he truly is and give himself permission to demolish that belief, he will become a prisoner to himself and his mind.  He will live a dull and unfulfilling, prescribed life when he could have been doing tricks in tights whilst balancing on a wire all along.

Belief systems are important; they serve as a kind of firewall in our lives and are there to keep us safe, but if they are completely subconscious and very solid, they can interfere with the soul’s desires and cause massive internal conflict.

A belief system should support you, not control you.  It should remain flexible and fluid, allowing space for personal improvisation and exploration along the way.  The happiest people are the ones who are able to claim complete ownership and architectural rights over their own minds and hearts.

A worldview remains only that – a view.  It is one of millions of optional truths.  The more you are able to splash and roll around in them, taking what works for you and discarding the rest, the better the chances are that you will gain happiness and contentment.

Your energy circuits can be re-wired.  In some cases, you simply need to unplug.  Reality is a construct; it’s pliable and bendable.

Self-Uncovery is about letting go of your pre-programming – you preconceived ideas, expectations and judgements – so you can wake up and become conscious.

Get off auto-pilot and start driving your own plane again.

Get in touch with that glorious, ancient part of you that’s expansive, as big as the Universe itself.  Unwrap from the bonds that keep you spinning around inside your own little head; there’s so much out there.

The less tied you are to excessive and conflicting boundaries, the easier it is for energy to travel through your system.  Open your heart. Release yourself.

We choose our own reality, whether we do it consciously or not.  We choose what to consider important.  We choose what will bring us happiness.

Freedom is intricately tied to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves: what you believe you are entitled to have, what you’re allowed to do and what you’re expected to become influences how broad the choices are that you make.

Your whole life is based on a point of view.

You might as well pick a fun one.

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