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50 Sentences That Will Convince You to Change Your Life

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Your culture has vastly restricted your sense of what is possible.

You have been conditioned to accept a narrow vision of what life is and what you can be.

In truth, there are boundless possibilities for your life.

If you are truly determined to make something happen, and if you are persistent, you can do virtually anything you imagine.

“Success” is a relative term that you can define however you like.

If you wish, “success” can simply mean being alive and experiencing whatever you’re currently experiencing.

There is much more to life than an endless cycle of working, spending, working, spending.

When you begin to think of life as a marvelous adventure, it becomes one.

When you cultivate an insatiable curiosity for the world, you find endless sources of wonder and fascination.

For most of human history, our ancestors were nomads, moving from place to place.

Arguably, it is unnatural for a human being to stay in a single place for decades on end.

The human spirit yearns for new sights, scents, tastes, sounds, people, environments, and sensations.

On some level, you have yearned to wander for a long time, but you tell yourself there are many good reasons why you cannot abandon your current situation.

You are deceiving yourself.

Deep down, you suspect that few things would be better for you than to go to an entirely new place for an extended period of time.

The challenge and novelty would stimulate you in beautiful ways.

The world would excite you to a degree that it has not since you were a small child.

You would learn a great deal about what really motivates you and what you truly love to do.

It would change you in profound ways, for the better.

And that is why you fear it: change is terrifying; it’s much easier to cling to what you know, to what is stable; you don’t feel ready.

But no one is ever really ready.

Those that leap anyway become ready when they must.

It is at this point that we should note that “going to an entirely new place for an extended period of time” may be best interpreted as a metaphor.

Perhaps it is true that what you need is to move beyond physical boundaries, to experience new external landscapes; however, perhaps on a deeper level you yearn to experience new internal landscapes.

There are many ways to travel — to eclipse boundaries and explore new territory — without moving your physical body.

The same basic urge underlies the impulse to travel externally or internally: the urge to move beyond the familiar, to experiment in order to see for yourself what you are, what life is, what it can be.

In any case, there are secret potentialities within yourself that you wish to explore and actualize; whether internal or external, some part of you yearns for movement, for transformation.

But you are afraid of judgment and of giving up what you know, so you generate endless reasons for why change is not a good idea.

Again, somewhere within you, you know that the best thing for you would be to do what you fear — to move beyond self-imposed limits.

Transcending boundaries awakens passion, curiosity, and a sense of purpose; it is the path to discovering intrinsic motivation, greater meaning, and inner nobility.

Inner nobility consists in seeking to fulfill our inborn human potential; to develop our innate capacities and talents; and to use whatever abilities we have to help the world.

Arguably, we need many people to aspire to this state of inner nobility, given the fact that we now face various existential risks — risks which threaten to decimate humanity and the biosphere.

However, it is not a sense of duty or obligation which should compel you to unearth your potential; rather, this compulsion arises naturally within you; it is likely already there — a faint whisper.

Remember: Life can be much more than you’ve dreamt in common hours; your world can expand boundlessly.

Your greatest obstacle is your own conviction that there are good reasons for you to stay where you are now, be who you are now, and do what you do now.

Your greatest enemy is your endless list of rules and expectations for how life is supposed to be lived.

Question: Where did these rules and expectations originate?

Answer: They were invented by other human beings.

Nature doesn’t care about human rules and expectations.

Nature is a wildly free wonderland in which endless unlikely possibilities are constantly actualized.

Forget what you think you know.

Learn what is possible by finding out for yourself; expand, experiment, become.

Someday soon you will die. You will become a lifeless, deteriorating heap of flesh and bones.

When that day comes, do you want to be the person who believed everyone else’s idea of what life could be and forever did only the safe, easy things?

Or do you want to be the person who went on internal and external adventures, explored possibility and potential, and reached their own conclusions?

I know my answer, and I think I know yours.

The question is whether or not you will summon the courage to be that person.

The question is whether or not you will conjure the audacity to question everything you think you know.

You already exist in a realm of infinite possibility.

Start living like it.

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