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A Taste of Divinity: Inside Our Legal Entheogenic Retreat in Amsterdam

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What am I passionate about?

What good can I do in this world?

Where is my innate power and confidence?

How do I become better for myself, my friends, my family, and the world?

What is meaningful to me?

How do I overcome my self-doubt, my disconnection from others?

These questions are no small feat to ask, and they subconsciously drive most of our daily activities. Answering these questions, and embracing the path to implement the answers, will undoubtedly change your life. But the answers are often illusory.

But what if they weren’t?

What if you were able to find some answers to the most pressing questions in your life?

How might your daily experience, and the rest of your life, change?

This is exactly what we and a group of 20 intrepid individuals were up against throughout our second Apotheosis Retreat this October in the Netherlands.

And I must say, the level of profound progress that was made by these warriors has inspired all of us, forever redefining what we consider possible in the realms of human experience and well-being.

Becoming Gods

“Don’t think. Just go. That’s it. Everyone needs to do this. Every single human being on the planet needs to do this at least once a year. There’s no doubt about it.”

— Travis, Apotheosis Participant, 37, United States

Apotheosis is a Greek word, meaning ‘becoming a God’ or ‘peak/climax’. This is what we want people to experience throughout their individual hero’s journey of the soul. We saw beautiful humans blossom, through a series of transformational peak experience, into the Gods they are and embrace the unlimited potential that we all have inside of us.

Blowing past self-actualization into the realms of self-transcendence and service.

They became spiritual warriors, prepared to do battle against the darkness and be a force of light in the world.

From healing deeply rooted trauma, recognizing the divine feminine/masculine inside, to cultivating new life purpose and systems of self-care — the transformations that took place throughout the week were astounding.

To be given the opportunity to shed your insecurities, to embrace your power and be loved unconditionally by a tribe of your equals — is an experience every human in existence should have.

To be invited into an oasis of growth and development, to be allowed and encouraged to become everything that you can be, is something we all yearn for.

The permission to let go of who you are, in order to become who you might be.

The Apotheosis Experience

“You don’t need to feel miserable for the rest of your life. Imagine if your angst could be wiped away in a week of very agreeable, loving, and mind-blowing experiences, and that this betterment set the foundation for a wiser and happier life path — wouldn’t you do it?”

— Tania, 44, Apotheosis Participant, France

The world needs you.

The world needs your gifts, your unique perspective, your love. The world needs people who have come alive, fully and completely.

We need a world of powerful, sovereign beings. To get there, we need everyone to self-actualize, to step into their power, as quickly as possible.

To unlock everything that you are. To help you get out of your own way. To empower you with a tribe, a family, and ancient and modern healing modalities to propel you into the upper echelons of enlightened beings.

We used a variety of sacred and healing modalities throughout the experience, from breathwork sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, philosophical inquiry, tribal connection, ecstatic dance and song, Stoic and Buddhist conceptual frameworks, voluntary discomfort and feats of physical endurance.

We push you to your limit in order to let you explode out the other side, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of old narratives and self-defeating habits and mental frameworks.

The Apotheosis experience became a modern a rite of passage, giving everyone the permission and space required to embrace their unique gifts and understand how to best present those to the world.

Apotheosis in Media

What does it feel like to attend Apotheosis? What might you experience? Who might you meet? Take a walk through the inner workings of the Apotheosis experience with Co-Founder Jordan Bates:

Where words fail us, imagery thrives. Sometimes you cannot convey the levels of love, connection, depth, and experience through words alone, they must be seen to be felt.

This is what Apotheosis 2.0 looked, and felt, like to participate and thrive within:

apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence
apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence
apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence
apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence
apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence
apotheosis spiritual retreat highexistence

Exploring Human Potential

Nestled in a beautiful remodelled church, 25 hungry travellers explored what is truly possible in the spectrum of human experience. We laughed, cried, hugged, grew, embraced, let go of, learned, and experienced everything that sacred community and powerful personal experience has to offer.

When is the last time you explored, freely and honestly, everything that you were capable of?

Do you feel like you’re only running at 60% most days?

What would you do to peel back the layers of excuses and self-imposed limitations to see the beautiful being you were inside? What if you could let go of your doubts, and instead embrace yourself in confidence and integrity, and propel yourself to heights previously unknown with strangers who became family?

These are questions we were able to explore here at Apotheosis. Questions that continue to guide us as the journey continues.

Questions that you might decide to answer for yourself if you hear the call and wish to join us.

If you seek connection, healing, transcendence, and empowerment — embark on a journey with us, through the caverns of consciousness and the oceans of existence, into the outer realms of experience.

If you are ready, we are waiting for you.

See you soon.

If you feel called to learn more, head to the Apotheosis website. We’re heading to the jungle sanctuary Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica in June 2019. Applications are open now on the website.

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