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This is What Batman Taught Me About Social Entrepreneurship

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batman social entrepreneurship highexistence

What can Batman teach you about Social Entrepreneurship and living your dream life?


For me, Batman is the ultimate superhero. Unlike Superman, Spiderman or Wonder Woman, Batman has no impossible superpowers. He’s just a regular guy who decided to do something extraordinary.

He faced an impossible journey ahead, but decided to fight for the world he knew was possible.

He was my hero growing up (and still is), but not because of what he does… rather WHO he represents.

batman social entrepreneurship highexistence

When we were young our parents and teachers would ask: “what do you want to do when you’re older?”

Back then, we would come up with crazy, impossible answers:

  • I’m going to be an astronaut …
  • I’ll become the world’s most famous magician …
  • I will win an Olympic Gold Medal and be an underwater explorer at the same time …

or if you were like me… I’ll be the superhero the world needs!

The adults would laugh and smile, and without saying it would express… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

We cannot question the impossible. After all, our parents and teachers paved the way for us. They knew what they were talking about, so you put your head down, picked up a textbook and went to school.

You learned how to live a “possible” life.

You got a degree and a job that followed.

You bought a house, own a car and did everything you’re supposed to do.

But then one day you stop and ask, “what now?”


Our parents’ generation call us entitled snowflakes; irresponsible dreamers.

But all we really are is a generation that’s asking… is this it?

We’re questioning the limiting beliefs we’re brought up on, and daring to wander what other life we could lead. Because if this isn’t it… what is?

  • Is there more to life than ticking the boxes?
  • Is there more to it than gathering as much material wealth as possible?
  • Is this the cycle we want to continue; the one we pass down to our own children?

A few years ago, I decided NO!

I decided that kid I used to be was right, and that I could become the hero the world needs. Like Batman, I decided to fight for the world I know is possible, and become the superhero of my own journey.

No more status quo.

No more falling in line.

No more ticking the damn boxes.

This is my life, and I’m going to LIVE it!


“The journey of life will always be unclear.”

There isn’t much you can control in this world, but you can control how you react. So instead of reacting in a way you always have, consider ACTING in the way you want.

If you want to change your life, act on it.

Don’t think about it or dream of one day doing it… JUST DO IT!


The generations before us wanted to change, but too few of them actually did.

Yet we have opportunities that nobody before us did, so we have no excuse.

I realized this, and in doing so I saw that the “possible” life I had built would never satisfy me. I wanted freedom, abundance and purpose — the same life I pictured as a young daydreamer.

I wanted the impossible.

And I knew I could make it possible through Social Entrepreneurship.


I knew if I wanted to change, I had to master 3 things…

  1. My Ability to Learn, Grow and Acquire New Knowledge.
  2. Create The Space and Community to Evolve + Adopt New Perspectives.
  3. Accept That You Collect True Wealth in Experiences (NOT just through cash in the bank).

In other words… Wisdom + Impact + Adventure.

Acting on these would give me the freedom and abundance I desired, and allow me to change the world and have a lasting impact through Social Entrepreneurship.

But I also knew I couldn’t measure my success in the same way as I always have…

You see, we get taught about measuring success against your return on investment (ROI).

This is important, because to an extent money matters. You need to live a sustainable life, so if you invest $1 into something it’s fair to expect $2 in return.

BUT there’s another ROI — and it’s one nobody talks about:


Your Ripple of Impact measures the effect you have on those you serve and in return the impact they have on those they attend to.

Like a stone dropped in a pond, the ripples spread out until that stone’s impact touches each and every corner of that pond. Well don’t you see… YOU are the stone.

And to live an impossible life means you need to dedicate yourself to the “other” ROI: to YOUR ripple of impact.


I decided to make a list; an  “impossible” list.

Not your standard Bucket List that everyone has hidden in a drawer, but rather a list dedicated to all those adults who told me “that’s impossible”.

On this list is a selection of Challenges, that so long as I live is my duty to take on.

This list is full of items that not only empowers me to live a life of freedom and abundance, but to have a lasting impact through Social Entrepreneurship on:

  • The people I serve, and who I can help …
  • The communities I’m part of at any given time …
  • The outdated systems I believe need to change: education and philanthropy to name two

This Impossible List grants me the power to increase my ripple of impact each week, month and year.

Creating this list changed my life; lead me to the one I’m living today

So I have one question to ask you right now… what are you waiting for?


The perfect moment?


Let go of all that because now is your time to take action.

Because the point in this list isn’t to create it; it’s to LIVE it!

This is my list.

I LIVE it each day.

So what’s on yours?

I can’t write it for you.

I can’t do any of this for you.

Nobody can.

Only you can do, and BE… you.

Ready to create your own Impossible List? Start here.

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