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Someone Made a 19-Minute History of the Universe and This Shit is F**king Legendary

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history of the entire world i guess bill wurtz artist history japan

Prepare yourself.

What you’re about to see is dazzling. Monumental. Ridiculously awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Bill Wurtz, he makes some of the most outrageously dank educational content of all time.

Seamlessly combining education and LOLz, Wurtz is some kind of enchanted YouTube warlock-artist-historian.

Okay, I’ll stop there. Click ‘play’ and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about:

Want to get your PhD in self-mastery? Enter the school of life.

Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a lover of God, father, leadership coach, heart healer, writer, artist, and long-time co-creator of HighExistence. —

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