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Hi, I’m Al Jeffery and With Your Help I’d Like to Disrupt the Media

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al jeffery realise flow
al jeffery realise flow

I was 12.

I was sitting on my brown-cushioned couch with my brother watching Jumanji.

We were drawn in by the story… I mean who wouldn’t be? The narrative forces you to be okay with opening up your mind to the possibility of animals flying out of a board game for god’s sake!

But the movie itself wasn’t as pivotal in my life as the 30-second ad that came on the TV halfway through (I guess this stuff is in my genes)!

The ad was about World Vision and other global organizations, and it asked us to sponsor children so that they could survive and flourish. The ad created a deep curiosity in me and threw me into my life’s task.

What is my life’s task?

Using the power of media not to sell people another product they don’t need, but ideas and concepts that explore the human condition, society and bring about a deep global change.

This what I’m doing through my website and my new video series. Check out the video below to see exactly how I plan to use media to shape reality.

Unfortunately, not all media is uplifting and inspiring. Most of it presents reality as a place of doom and gloom. In this depressing narrative about existence, it’s hard not to play the role of the victim — hopeless, and afraid.

Our perception is reality. That’s why it’s important not to allow our perceptions to be manipulated by those who don’t have our best interests at heart.

I believe that our generation is so fortunate to live in is such a unique and damn exciting time. We are more empowered than any previous generation, have more access to knowledge, and thanks to technology now have the ability to create more collaboratively than ever before!

The story we tell ourselves and the paradigm we operate from needs to shift! The media industry is a behemoth, and its impact grows all the time. What better way to inspire new thinking than by bringing forth a movement of disruptive media?

If you believe in the power of disruptive media and media that doesn’t numb mankind, but fuels it; doesn’t stifle the human spirit but unleashes it in all of it’s blistering magnificence, please join our Thunderclap campaign and allow the Realise Flow series to come to realisation!

Join the Campaign Here!

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